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MEDIUM Chewing Treats

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If you have a small or medium sized dog that you really want to occupy and have great joy in chewing before swallowing, then this is the category for you.

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Yes, we have the Ultra tough dog treats under the ‘Long Chewing’ dog treat category, but many people own dogs where those really long chewing dog treats are just too tough for their dogs to be interested. Instead of empty chewing toys we offer you highly nutritious meat-based dog chews and treats.

You may also find that vets will try and sell you completely artificial ‘dental dog treats’. We are horrified at this practice, at the grab for money  instead of offering you a genuine nutritious animal based option.  Instead we always recommend 100% natural and healthy dog treats – and these in this category even include many of the meat jerkies we sell. We even put a sample pack together called Medium Chewer pack that we include here. The main categories of treat that we include here are:

  • Jerkies (the longer whole versions)
  • Bully Sticks (regular long and short)
  • Pigs ear strips, pork rolls, pig snouts
  • Meat based bones (they can clean their teeth on the honeycomb structure too).
  • Pork Bones, Lamb Bones
  • Smaller Pork based treats
  • Smaller Kangaroo treats (Roo Cartilage, roo tendon)
  • Shark cartilage and fish skins (when available).
  • Croc feet

If  your dog finds these treats too difficult, you can always look to our Soft Treat range. If your dog finds these Medium Chewer treats too easy, perhaps they may like some of the treats in our Long Chewing range.

There is always something for every dog here, but only with genuine healthy and nutritious chewing in mind.

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