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Bully Sticks

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Bully sticks the ideal long chewing 100% MEAT dog treat !

Bully sticks Dog treats 100% Australian

Bully sticks are a preferred dog treat for anyone wanting a longer chew for their dogs.

Not only to preoccupy, but when made from 100% meat, they also add an important nutrition boost to dog food that can much less than 50% meat.

Bully sticks come in various lengths and widths, even within the one product category there is much variation. Because after all, these are a NATURAL product, that changes with each harvest/ batch.

The extra-large width sticks, when available are good for the very heavy chewer in your family. While some of the sticks mightn’t be sold all the way through that width, they are sold be WEIGHT, meaning that you always get value.

If bully sticks are unavailable our outside of your budget, we recommend that you look at our dental stick category,   or even roo tail tips as the closest direct substitute.

The most readily available bully sticks are regular or thin width. While these aren’t a big challenge for massive chewing dogs, they are often ample for small and medium sized dogs. Much better for your dogs than some of the artificial or dangerous leather product treats out there.

Also remember that our bully sticks are 100% Australian bully sticks. We regularly get emails from OS companies wanting to off load their products, often considerably cheaper than the local Australian ones, but we only provide 100% Australian grown bully sticks.