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We have written many articles in the NUTRTION section of our site (see main menu) that reference research papers into the medicinal benefits of products like Shark Cartilage and Green Lipped mussels, and written about the obviou9s health benefits of low-fat organic meat like Kangaroo or fish. But essentially, we believe that with the recent evolution of the domestic dog from wolves that they are almost full carnivore, NOT herbivore. That means that they need extra meat than is supplied in commercial dog food for the bio-available protein and animal-based fats. We source the best products we can at the fairest prices, and subsidise postage – read more about this in our ABOUT section or in the many BLOG articles we regularly post!
Postage is based on weight and volume of the treats ordered. We take care of these calculations and based on your postcode; we usually subsidise shipping costs. We provide full details in our Postage article (link at the bottom of this site). You will also see that on the Shopping cart page, your postage fee is auto calculated, and you can change it by updating your cart with more or less treats!
We use various couriers and Australia post to deliver Australia wide. Because of far flung locations and issues couriers can have, we suggest that TEN working days should be the maximum that any delivery takes, from when anyone orders. If products are out of stock, we inform you. However, when we send your order you should receive tracking information by email. If there is an issue with the tracking number or how long an order is taking, please contact us.
A very generous one! Essentially, we provide full refund for the specific spoiled treat. Most of the treats have up to a six month shelf life, IF stored in FULL pantry conditions (no light, heat and in a seal container). We don’t recommend leaving treats for the maximum length of time as being a natural product changes will naturally occur. If treats are spoiled on receiving or a short time after receiving them, please contact us and let us know the full details and we will refund you! Our full Returns and Privacy policies can be seen at the bottom of this site.
Please send your email enquiries to: Julie AT (replace AT with @). We can provide both International (depending on your countries custom restrictions) and Wholesale (depending on what type of business you are). Just use our contact form or email Julie directly with your requests.