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Sardine POWDER Toppers

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Sardines POWDER Toppers Dog Treats – Australian!

Sardines dog treats are Australian fish, you would be very surprised how many Sardines aren’t!   They are caught in Australian waters under strict quota controls meaning they are a sustainable resource.

100% single ingredient means, 100% natural without additives or preservatives.

If you are not sure about going the 100% single ingredient WHOLE SARDINE route, Perhaps consider it in this mix: Bruce’s AMAZING SEAFOOD GUMBO (Dog Treat)  It contains One third each of:  Shark Cartilage COARSE powder. WHOLE ground Sardine. Whole ground Mantis Shrimp.

Now many dog owners feed their dogs canned sardine because they ‘know them to be healthy’ but the reality is that canned, overcooked sardines, not necessarily from Australia do NOT necessarily preserve all of the nutrition you want your dog to get. Our sardines do.

The reason people consider sardines to be healthy is that they are organic (farmed from the sea) around Australia, and being small fish, they have a very low risk of heavy metal contamination.

Besides the excellent protein addition to your dog’s diet, it’s all about the quality Omega 3. We have written many articles about ANIMAL omega 3, being the best available essential fatty acid for your dog, for their brain, heart and anti-inflammation properties.


You might wonder why you would choose Sardine POWDER toppers over whole sardines? Well, you don’t have to, because we sell both, but here is something for you to think about.

Whole sardines are great, if you are not sure of the source, you might think at least in seeing the WHOLE fish, you know what you are getting, but if you trust the source (us and from Australia), then the only difference between while sardines and sardine pieces is really the aesthetic.  The sardine toppers include the whole sardines, just in easier to eat POWDER form.

While almost all dogs can eat sardines, some find the approximate 10 cm size still imposing. They don’t know where to start. Also, the fragile nature of whole sardines means it’s very hard to keep them integral.

In the shop or in the mail they can easily fall apart regardless of the amount of packaging. In fact, that is mostly the reason that we are able to provide you this treat, option at all.  There will always be sardine pieces in the whole sardine pack anyway. Its all from the same source.

When the sardines are broken down into pieces it is much easier to give a precise serving if you are looking after weight control. For small or older dogs you might still want all of the fantastic sardine nutrition, without them having to chew through the whole fish.

Sardines in smaller pieces also reduces the likelihood of spoilage from excess water. There is a fine balance between drying whole fish, and over drying them so they fall apart, or not drying enough and risking spoilage. Sardine pieces increase the surface area of the meat, and so the ease of the whole mix drying.

Sardine Topper dog treat Nutrition – the nitty gritty

A 100g pack or sardines is likely to have (from nutrition-data estimates) 780 KJ of Energy. Of which about 1% is from carbs but equal amounts are provide by Protein (375 KJ) and from Fat (395 KJ).

Of that 100g of sardine there is likely to be 10% fat – approximately the same as you will get in chicken breast or beef jerky dog treats, but while those animal fats will contain much more saturated fats Sardine ratio of fats is more likely to be:

  • Saturated fat 2.7%
  • Monounsaturated fat 4.8%
  • Polyunsaturated fat 2.1%

That might mean little to many people, however what is significant is that polyunsaturated fats, or more particularly of the “trans-polyenoic fatty acids” or Essential fatty acids, there is 1,636 mg of Omega 3 and 123 mg of Omega 6 fatty acids.

Commercial dog food typically aims for an Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of about 7, but since many formulations use flax seed for the Omega 3 component (which isn’t in the correct form to be directly utilized by the dog, that ratio can blow out ten-fold).  THAT means that most dogs NEED supplemental Omega 3 to provide the right ratio for anti-inflammation properties etc.

Sardines (100g) are estimated to contain about 1636 mg of Omega 3 (according to nutrition-data site sources), which is equivalent to about ten x 1000 mg fish oil capsules (300mg MARINE Omega 3 per capsule). This means that you don’t have to give your dog many sardine pieces per day to give them a significant boost in Omega 3 supplementation.

Protein wise (something that dogs REALLY need a supplement in since dog food only requires 18% protein – from ANY source) to be called dog food, is really well cared for with sardines. 100g of sardine (containing 67% water) is said to have 21g of fat. That means in dried sardines such as the ones we sell, their water content is closer to 10%, and so the percentage amount of protein at least doubles in dried sardine (ie more likely to be 45% protein plus.

Regarding vitamins, sardines are high in Vitamin D (480  IU) and  vitamin B12 ( 9 mcg) which are both over 100% of the daily value required by a human Adult !

Mineral wise Sardines are high in Calcium 240 mg and Phosphorous 366 mg as well as the relatively rare selenium mineral/ element 40 mcg (60% of a human adult DV).

Enjoy these splendidly healthy dog treats.


SARDINE Toppers are 100% Sardine meat simply dried +  packed.


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