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Dog treats and the need for Roo sticks, chicken, lamb and Beef sticks – what’s it all about then?

Diego Vizsla with Chicken Meat stick healthy dog treat

Tired of all that supermarket chaff highly processed and marketed AT your dogs?

Tired of bread and dough nuts masquerading as dog biscuits, masquerading as healthy dog treats?

If you want supermarket dog treats, or bland biscuits (with a lot of artificial flavouring ) … that is every owners prerogative. But I am here to tell you another story. Provide another option.

SPOILER ALERT – its our lovely Chicken Meat stick

One that involves your dog and the benefits of soft simple high meat content treats.

Not every situation calls for a 100% single ingredient dog treat – we get that. Economics aside, sometimes you are just after something a little more bulky – BUT with the benefits of meat too.

The design of the humble meat stick we sell is simple.

  • Make it soft enough that all dogs can eat it.
  • Wrap them individually so they retain just enough moisture so that they retain some pliability. And not as messy for carrying.
  • Make it soft enough that you can snap it in your hands.
  • Make it so that you can pre slice it at home into mini discs if you want a training treat
  • Give many different flavours – BUT only with REAL MEAT giving the primary smell and taste
  • Add some chicken to it, so you can still have the bulk, but also another primary meat
  • Have only a handful of necessary ingredients to get the job done. Don’t spend years in the lab trying to trick a dogs taste buds and nose just to sell a high margin corporate product. Dogs will love this, they just won’t go whacko with artificial ingredients.
  • Make the meat content as high as most commercial dog foods or higher. This means you don’t reduce your dog’s protein intake, for the sake of saving a few dollars.

This manifesto could go on for many pages .. but you get the idea.

Matter of fact, here is Diego explaining about the joy of our Chicken sticks right now:

NOTE currently we stock FOUR distinct meat sticks – all with a minor addition of CHICKEN to the meat mix, to keep them affordable.  Since they have essentially the same ingredients except for the primary meat – the look and feel the same to human and dog (except for COLOUR of course.

This means that the video we have taken of dogs eating the chicken meat stick, or the lamb meat stick essentially has the same chewability of any of the four stick types.

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