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Biscuit dog treats

These Dog biscuit treats are made in Victoria Australia. They are made by BlackDog so you can be assured they are high quality with the best ingredients. We can offer you three irresistible flavours of: beef, cheese and charcoal dog biscuit treats.

Your dog will naturally want to wolf down the beef and chicken flavours, however you may not know that the Charcoal dog biscuits also help reduce dog flatulence and can settle their systems by removing excess bile. Buy Australian made dog biscuits here and give your dog the best it can get!

For BULK biscuits (a much bigger range) see the BISCUIT Bulk Category

Click the [PRODUCT DETAILS] button under a dog treat image to see a specific video (if we made one) of what the dog treat looks like being eaten by our special Healthy Dog Treat Tester dogs! (mostly Archie)

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