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BISCUIT Dog Treats

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Biscuit dog treats – Blackdog brand

These Dog biscuit treats are made in Victoria Australia. You can’t get much more real than one of their oldest flagship products still  being available against stiff inferior imports.

They are made by BlackDog (the treat company, not the other one), so you can be assured they are high quality with the best ingredients.

Your dog will naturally want to wolf down the beef and chicken flavours, however you may not know that the Charcoal dog biscuits also help reduce dog flatulence and can settle their systems by removing excess bile. In fact these are the main variety of biscuit that I will feed my dog when he regularly roams the local dog parks eating many things he shouldn’t

There are several different categories of these biscuits treats:

STAPLE BULK dog biscuits

These are the typical flavours you will get in dog foods. They are all sold in 5 Kg boxes and include the treats:

  • Beef biscuits
  • Chicken biscuits
  • Cheese biscuits
  • Charcoal biscuits

The main difference you will note between these biscuits and many others on the market are that other biscuits will have marketing hype saying things like “ ####  Flavouring”,  This tends to mean a small amount of artificial flavour and doesn’t include any of the specific animal product in the biscuit.

For instance the Beef biscuits have the third and four ingredients, behind wheat and tallow as “BEEF LIVER & KIDNEY, MEAT MEAL”.  This means they actually have BEEF offal and meat meal included in the biscuit, not just a ‘flavour’ or pale imitation of the real thing.

Another example is the cheese biscuits.  Behind wheat and tallow the next ingredients are “CHEESE POWDER, MEAT MEAL”  Yes, even the cheese biscuits have actual cheese and meat in them.

We never recommend using biscuits as the sole source of supplemental meat in your dogs diet, but its good to know, that when you are feeding your dog blackdog dog biscuits, that even these treats are providing a little more meat in your dogs life.


  • Bigga dog biscuits (the low fat variety).
  • Glucosobics (includes glucosamine to assist joint health).
  • Multi biscuits  (include a mix of BEEF, CHEESE AND MINT & PARSLEY BISCUITS.)
  • Peanut butter
  • Liver and Kidney
  • Mint and Parsley

Just like the staple main biscuit categories, even these exotic varieties go all out to include ACTUAL natural ingredients, not just lip service on the label. For example the Liver and Kidney 5 kg box of biscuits after wheat and tallow have “BEEF LIVER & KIDNEY, MEAT MEAL” included in them.

If you are after maximum variety, then the multi mix biscuit box includes the three varieties of: BEEF biscuit, CHEESE biscuit AND MINT & PARSLEY BISCUITS.

Buy Australian made dog biscuits here and give your dog the best it can get!

Because of the assortment of biscuits here, we have put the Ingredients Nutrition information for each of the above dog biscuit varieties on the specific page for each of those treats.