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Singapore Dog treats & Healthy Dog Treats (Australia)

With Singapore’s 5.7 million population (2020), Singapore is a bustling economic powerhouse of south east Asia that happens to also love its dogs.  The 115 thousand dogs and 96,000 households owning dogs in Singapore is testament to this. But aren’t its owners bored of the same old treat offering based on company economics NOT what is best for your dogs?

Healthy dog treats Singapore supporter We have a deep love of dogs in Australia, something that we share with Singapore – as well as both countries hosting the F1 Grand Prix annually. Got to love the night racing.

Given this, it makes sense that we get so many enquires for our dog treats from Singapore dog owners and retailers. Currently in 2022 we are revamping our packaging, but our contents remain the same high quality that they have since our inception in 2011.

We have a diverse range of dog treats and chews that can be used as a reward and also make a healthy option to keep your dog active and happy. We have choices for all types of dogs and if you need dog treats in Singapore, we are here to help you. When choosing a treat, it is essential to ensure that it is healthy and the right one for your dog. We are committed to offering the best in pet nutrition and have the finest selection of dog treats and chews.

WHY healthy dog treats for Singapore?

We know that you can easily get any of the global brands of dog food, and their often heavily vegetable diluted treats in your supermarkets, but we offer far more than that.

Our online origin has meant that we have accumulated a vast knowledge on what functional and nutritional benefits our mainly 100% animal-based dog treats provide. We have also used that time to select the finest treats from far and wide places in Australia, ensuring a breadth and depth of dog treats rarely matched.

Currently while looking for new Singapore retailers/ distributors who will do our products justice, we welcome Singapore individual dog owners to contact us too with their request for any specific treats we have. We will endeavor to find the best courier deal for you too.

Concentrating specifically on dog treats has allowed us to become expert in this area – our nutritional blogs will attest to this. But it also means that we have been able to segment the functional nature of our treats down into very specific areas such as:

Healthy dog treats Singapore supporter 2 We are a family business which means we always try harder than the big corporations who’s management team often don’t even own dogs, let alone have such love of them that they are still a practicing professional dog walker (off lead).

Yes, we are full immersed in getting your dog the best HEALTHY dog treat solution for their needs. Including the more exotic kangaroo dog treats and Australian crocodile treats (again many 100% meat or meat and bone options) !

Want to find out more about dog treats in Singapore?

Please contact us if you want to know more, as an individual, store, wholesaler or distributor,