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Dog Training Treats

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Wondering what can be the best dog training treats?

It will be no surprise that I recommend meat based dog training treats. And that is because THEY WORK !

Even if you don’t take anything else away from this article, consider that if your dog has a commercial dog food diet, that it is getting 70% grain or veggies and a little meat based dog training treat will help address the balance back towards meat.

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At Healthy Dog Treats, we have a range of natural dog treats and chews that are suitable for all ages. We have puppy training treats that your pet will really enjoy. We believe that if you are training a dog, positive reinforcement works. We have delicious treats, and you can choose from different shapes and sizes. We have treats that are healthy and packed with natural ingredients. Our treats are easy to swallow so that you can continue the training exercise.

Dog Treat – Training basics

  • It should be something they rarely get
  • they really love & is very smelly
  • is easy to eat
  • is meat based

1  A dog training treat rarity

This is vital for the dog to really appreciate that what it has done deserves something amazing in return. Make the dog work hard to do a great recall, sit stay, or retrieve and besides giving it some great hugs (if it can handle them) – give it the best tasting most exclusive dog treat you can find.

Note if your dog isnt big on treats, it might be because it hasn’t had a lot of 100% meat treats, or that it gets them too often. Only restricting the giving of its absolute favourite treats will make them super special for training!

Beef dog training treats

As you will read below, you can customise any meat based dog treat as a training treat, here are the beef & bulk BEEF dog treats that seem to make up the wolves share of them.

2  Why a dog training treat must be very smelly to be attractive

Humans often use the site and then sound as our preferred senses.  We often trust something we “see with our own eyes” more than what we hear, touch and Smell are way down the list.

As a dog has up to 10,000 times the sense of smell than us (25 times more area and finely attuned sensor x 40 the size of the parts of the brain reserved for processing smells). This means that smell is its number one trusted sense, and if you reward the major sense, then it really outshines everything else.

This is why the colour, texture and even taste is often dwarfed by the smell of food for a dog. In fact besides its eyesight not having the same resolution as ours, they also have limited taste buds made worse by manufacturer suggestions to limit a dog eating to their bland grain based pellets or wet food.

Whether a dog is finding a place to mark territory, understanding more about another dog from its scent glands or just tracking a previous preys movements on terrain, dogs are 100% committed and motivated by SMELL.

HENCE the best dog training treats are also the smelliest (but meat based smells to lock into their primal brain).

3  Dog treats have to be fast eating

This unfortunately is often the ONLY criteria that people consider. Yes if you are doing cutting edge dog training, with many judges standing around, time is of the essence.

But I have seen people trying to train their dogs with the kibble the dog eats every day.  That is neither rare, nor meat based, or smelly to the degree that meat can be.

The point you should understand here is that almost any dried meat can be used as a dog training treat, but if you use something from the fridge it might go off, is oily in your pocket etc etc. And dried meat dog treats often have a more concentrated smell (most of the water is extracted).

I will make a few recommendations below, but basically getting a meat based dog treat that is relatively small and then cutting it down further if you want it to be ultra-fast is the best non-messy method for getting the best dog training treat

4  Meat based dog training treats are best

Pretty much because they satisfy the above categories perfectly.

Meat is a primal thing to a dog, as before domestication it would spend the majority of its life hunting running meat in packs through the night.  Most dogs don’t have anywhere near enough meat in their diet (bio available essential amino acids) so supplying it through dog training treats solves a few issues for you.

Meat dog treats such as beef liver (the number one global dog training treat) or beef liver balls are very smelly (in a good meat way) and can be broken or cut down into infinitely small sizes as you require or your sized dog.

NOTE – while dog training is often about immediate gratification and fast consumption, a dog takes a few seconds to understand most commands, and taking a few more seconds to digest the reward can actually help a dog tie the two together rather than grab being and running off with the treat like a felon.

Some of the smallest meat based treats we have are the meat ball range that is 80% meat and comes in the majority meats of beef, kangaroo or chicken. These balls can be halved or quartered with a knife prior to a training exercise if you want to get an exact small size.

But you can even pull off a sliver of beef jerky  or roo jerky or even chicken breast fillet if you like. After all the kings of the dog treat world, the 100% meats are sure to be moderately rare for most dogs and have that pure meat smell so craved for by most dogs.

Sometimes it’s even better to do experimentation with your dog.  Buy a few different varieties of what you think their favourite treat is, and perhaps put them 20 cm apart.  See out of five piles which one your dog consistently goes to first, then you can work out how to shred this meat based treat down into the PERFECT dog training treat!

From a nutrition and reward perspective there is nothing better than the meat based treats we sell on this site for your dog training needs!

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