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Dog Treats Wholesale

Want to buy bulk dog treats?

If you are a business, association or dog club based in Australia and would like to buy wholesale on a regular basis with us, we would love to hear from you.  We supply our products in bulk to various business all around the country.

You don’t have to be big to get your fair share. We have noticed that many large players like to sell product by the container or pallet. While that might work for chain stores, we also recognise in particular the smaller businesses.

    That is why many smaller dog treat bricks and mortar stores and even cafes (doggy cafes or regular) – have been contacting us for our treats. Not to mention vets, dog grooming salons etc – ANYWHERE you have doggy customers, we have a healthy dog treat solution! We have a full range of dog treats at wholesale price for your dogs. We have a diverse variety suitable for all ages and breeds to offer wholesome nutrition. Our all-natural range of dog treats make a great option and you can buy bulk dog treats at a reasonable price to keep dogs healthy and happy.

    Bigger wholesalers also often demand you buy many boxes of one specific variety of treat. Again this suits their packing schedule, but we realise that you might only need ONE box at a time of a specific treat, and maybe two or three boxes in total per order. The smallest hurdle is having a valid ABN.

    Depending on your long-term plan, we can accommodate split boxes in your order, we go to extraordinary lengths to please our customers: online, retail and wholesale. Amount, order frequency, and product type all go into the mix as to what MOQ we will require from a wholesale customer, but you will never know unless you contact us.

    The biggest issue faced by all businesses is courier costs. It is true because we are based in Melbourne that a Victorian business is likely to receive a lower courier cost, but we continue to send regular orders to all parts of the country. All is open to negotiation so that we both win.

    How else can we expand on our philosophy that all dogs have a chance to eat real meat treats along with their regular commercial or raw dog food diets?

    Please use the ‘contact us’ form to send your enquiry and we will get back to you as fast as we can!

    International Wholesale Dog treats – Sales and Export

    The simple fact is that Australia is a big land with a relatively low population. And MANY people in other countries have heard the rumour of how great our meat products are (human food and dog treats). Australian produce is clean, healthy and legendary.

    Just as much as we like to supply local stores, there is plenty of room for us to assist other countries sample our most excellent treats.

    We already export to several countries – it only seems that the limiting factors are courier costs AND to import laws of the countries that want our treats.

    As long as you have some understanding of what can and can’t be imported to your country, it will speed along our discussions of how best we can meet your needs.  This of course goes for any distributors who think that they might be able to assist us overseas.

    We find that it is much better to discuss your specific dog treat needs directly with you, so please contact us using the contact form or by phone.

    We look forward to hearing from you !