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Lamb Crisps – Aussie Product!

This is another 100% single ingredient treat – no additives or colouring. And grown and produced in Australia.

A little-known fact, is that because lamb meat is so rare (expensive) in Australia, this lamb lung crisp is as close as many dogs get to a clean 100% single ingredient version of lamb.  While it is made from the lung, the meat essentially has the same protein structure as regular lamb muscle meat. Just much easier to eat, for ALL DOGS !

In fact, many dogs find this form of lamb more enticing, since it is very light and airy (very low volume) and provides an exciting crunch and crumble when they bight into it.

The pieces are of random size, but initially can be 10cm by 15 cm long, or as small as 5 x 5 cm pieces. Either way, many owners break the pieces down further for portion control.

There is very little difference between lamb cubes (from lung) and lamb lung crisp, except the cut. The main reason that this product exists, is because the process of cutting lungs into cubes is quite tedious and sometimes dangerous, so the extra time usually means that product is more expensive.

So if your dog doesn’t mind getting a slab of lamb meat, rather than a cube – this product is more than sufficient.

Some owners use this for a training treat buy breaking it by hand into smaller pieces. This is quite fine, but some owners till prefer the traditional training treats of beef liver or roo liver.

Please note, while you might think that your dog has had plenty of lamb via kibble – clever split ingredient labelling tricks often disguise the fact that kibble often has much less lamb in it than you might expect. This means that not every dog is used to digesting pure lamb products and may require it to be introduced slowly to keep their digestion happy.

Because of the slightly hard surface, but propensity to crumble, this treat is also suitable for all age and size dogs. Being 100% meat it is also suitable for cats – but as many of us know, our carnivore cat friends can be very selective when it comes to food that is good for them, and food that they will eat.

INGREDIENTS –  100% lamb lung, Australian ORIGIN !

NUTRITION ANALYSIS:  Typically > 70% protein.    Fat 12-15%.  Crude fiber 1%.  ZERO CARBS !

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