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Chicken Liver

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Nutritious & training

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Chicken Liver Dog Treats  100% Australian  

Since beef liver is the major dog treat training treat on the planet, and every dog loves chicken, its easy to see why Chicken Liver dog treats are popular.  The only reason you might not have heard of them is that beef livers are much larger, and so they are easier to gather and process, so cheaper to make.

Beef liver is a great source of nutrition, but chicken and Roo livers are also great and can be used on rotation with your dog to keep their treats interesting, and mix up the nutritional profiles of their foods.

The other point about beef liver is that it is an exceptionally valuable nutritional offal food for humans, so you can understand being an animal based treat, it is even more so for carnivore domestic dogs.

Chicken Livers – what they look like

Because a lot of people dont like looking at whole organs, just like beef liver these treats are machine shredded, the slow oven dried into small pieces. They have a similar 2-4 mm thickness of beef liver, and bubble marks on them from the drying tray.

These small pieces also make it easy for owners to take on their dog walks or training sessions for rewards.

Chicken liver NUTRITION:

Chicken liver is known to be “one of the healthiest foods on the planet.” so several nutrition web sites say. The reason is that they have high protein, low carbs high omega 6 and mid level fat. It is also high in Vitamin A,  Vitamin B12, folate, B2 and Vitamin C (one of the rarer vitamins not found in regular muscle meat. IT is also high in Selenium, and Iron.

The thing to note about nutrition sites (the ones that other companies erroneously (under-estimates) site stats from, is that the vast majority cite data for medium cooked meats and offal. For instance nutritiondata site states for ” Chicken, liver, all classes, cooked, pan-fried”  that per 100 grams there is 26g protein, 4.8% fat, 1% carbs etc. But some fail to recognise that this is for a ‘cooked chicken liver’ for human consumption that still contains 65% water.

As you can see, in 100g of chicken liver properly DRIED, there will be around 66% protein, and 12% fat (once most of the water is removed).

Protein Carbs Fats Ash Water TOTAL
68.70 2.93 12.78 3.99 10 98.4

A note on fat content. Only about 40% of the total fat is saturated fat with about 30% Monounsaturated Fat and 30% Polyunsaturated Fat

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