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Beef Liver

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The most prized, highest taste training treat!

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Looking for all-natural dog treats?

You can try out beef liver dog treats that make a healthy option. OK, it’s true that OUR Beef liver dog treat is one of the most ECONOMICAL in Australia, but there is much more to the story of why this is a vital treat for your dog than that.

Yes, it’s a 100% single ingredient dog treat, that is very easy to snap into whatever size pieces you want.  It is dried into long odd shapes so you are likely to get long pieces 30 cm long down to 5-10 cm pieces.  The shapes can be from 1 to 10 cm wide.  But its thickness is typically 1 – 3 mm thick.

And while it’s true that its texture / moisture content varies from super dry to a little oily, it remains ALL beef liver. At Healthy Dog Treats, we have nutritious options that are free from additives. Full of flavour and nutrient-dense, our range can also be used as a training treat.

Protein-Rich Beef Liver Dog Treats

It is true that you can feed this dog treat to most dogs, almost all of the time. The limiting factor is mostly the fact that since it is so high in protein and Vitamin A that it can at first appear a little ‘rich’ for dogs who have not had this wonderful treat before, so too much can result in slightly loose stools.

On my morning walks as a pro dog walker beef liver is the MAIN treat I carry to get great recall with most of the dogs in the pack. You can break it off into such tiny pieces usually, that it goes a long way, even with feeding other dogs in the park.

So besides a treat at home, and a great treat for the park, its also the global best dog training trat in existence. Just smelly enough and ‘moorish’ for almost every dog, that most dogs will do anything for this 100% natural, single ingredient treat.

If you are going to feed a dog a commercial dog food, with its many additives and wheat and preservatives, giving them BEEF liver as an actual healthy treat you don’t need to feel bad about is a great idea.

Another thing to consider about its use, is that raw feeders usually try and give about 15% of the energy intake to their dogs as offal. Beef liver is an easy access clean protein option, that people with dogs on raw diets, or just wanting to supplement their commercial dog diet like to use.

NUTRIONALLY, why beef liver dog treats

When you look at nutrition data tables online for human grade beef liver, its pretty much the same nutrition that your dog gets. The main difference is a braised cooked liver tends to have up to 60% water content in it, whereas dried beef liver dog treats are more likely to have 10-20%.  That that means is that a listed protein value of 28% is then going to double when you remove all of the extra water from it.

Calories or KJ will essentially increase by a similar percentage amount, because you are removing water from the treat (zero KJ), and increasing the protein. So 100g of beef liver listed as 800 KJ (with 60% water, becomes more like 1600 KJ at 10% water.

While most owners are unlikely to give their dogs a vast amount of beef liver each day, if you do give substantially more than 20g of it, you might need to take account of the added KJ in their diet, when on an energy restricted diet.

Unlike many commercial (supermarket) dog treats that are mostly cheap carbs, 100g of dried beef liver is likely to only have 10g of carb total, and a similar amount of total fat.

While adding bio available protein to your dogs diet via beef liver is great, it is also a big source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

Mineral wise the three biggest minerals in order of daily value intake are:  Copper then to a lesser extent Iron Phosphorous and selenium.

Our bulk beef liver has been sliced and oven dried and is one of the most popular dog treats on the market.

Typical analysis:  Protein 65%, fat 10%, salt 0.6%, fibre 0.1%


Are beef liver treats good for dogs?

Beef Liver Dog Treats are excellent for dogs. Beef liver provides many health benefits and has important nutrients like vitamin A, iron, and protein. When you get from our reputable brand, you can be assured of high-quality ingredients that contribute positively to your dog’s overall health.

How much beef liver can I give my dog

The amount of Beef Liver for Dogs depends on their size, age, and overall diet. While beef liver is healthy and nutritious, it’s also rich in specific vitamins and should be given in moderate quantity. It should be at most 5% of their daily food diet. Always check with a veterinarian for personalised advice catered to your pet’s needs.

Is beef liver better raw or cooked?

When discussing beef liver for dogs raw or cooked, both have their pros and cons. Cooking destroys potential pathogens but can also reduce some nutrient levels. Raw beef liver retains all its nutrients but carries a higher risk of bacterial contamination. It’s essential to source high-quality Beef Liver Dog Treats and ensure safe handling if offering it raw.

How often should dogs eat beef liver?

Dogs can benefit from beef liver, but it shouldn’t be a daily staple. Considering its rich nutrient content, especially vitamin A, offering beef liver once or twice a week is usually sufficient. Always ensure that you provide high-quality Beef Liver and keep a check on your dog for any adverse reactions, adjusting the frequency accordingly.

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