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LAMB Dog Treats

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Lamb Dog Treats – By Bruce’s Healthy Dog Treats !

If you are interested in lamb/ sheep dog treats, you have come to the right page.

If you are wondering why there aren’t that many lamb dog treats on the market, it’s basically a supply / demand issue.

If you look at the price of lamb cutlets or lamb roast you would see that its typically as much if not more than most cuts of beef. This along with export trade means that there is little genuine lamb left for the dog treat market.

Not every dog is a fan of lamb, and some dogs don’t react well to lamb fat, but fortunately our mix of treats just contain the regular amount of fat that most animal treats have.

Let’s quickly go through the value of each specific lamb treat.

Lamb puff cube dog treats

The reason we start here is that this is the only soft 100% single ingredient lamb treat available. While single ingredient lamb meat treats tend not to exist, lamb cubes are the next best thing, and for some even better. They are made out of lamb lung (just like beef cubes are from cow lung) – which means that they have the same kind of meat protein mix profile that lamb meat has.

But because they are dried from the lung, they have a honey comb structure and are extremely light (low density) meaning that you get a LOT of vloue of these treats for any particular weight bag. The way they are cut and dried also means that they have a relatively strong cooked outside layer that once chomped open, explodes the muscle meat inside. This texture and crunch gives many dogs a very primal joy.

Some lamb cubes do have some surface fat, but this is not added fat, just what is naturally occurring in the product. There are very few dogs that like lamb, that don’t love lamb cubes.

Lamb sticks dog treats

While single ingredient lamb treats are super rare, these sticks make up for it in deliciousness. They are economical and comprised of over 40% meat, of which the majority is lamb, the minority share is chicken. This mix adds to palatability and keeps cost down, while ensuring HIGH protein value – which is very useful in a market where most commercial dog foods aren’t even 40% meat!

Because of the majority of the stick is wheat, there are some other small additives to ensure freshness and longevity.  Besides being just a great at home or travelling treat, some people cut little discs off the stick as training treat rewards. It’s extremely useful and tasty.

Lamb bone dog treats.

The main dog bone from lamb are these relatively short leg bones. Unlike other bones that tend to have a fairly regular shape, these bones can range from anything like a small pork bone look, to a lamb bone that is much longer and thinner than that.

They are the most economical leg bone we sell, and suitable for most small to mid-sized dogs. This is because of their small size won’t be too intimidating to a small to regular chewer. These bones are NOT expected to be eaten down until there is nothing left (though we do have owners who buy these bones for big dogs for just that purpose).

But their small size and easy to chew end pieces are what interest most low chewing dogs. They can just work away at the gristle chewing the ends without having to break into the neck of the bone and that satisfies many of their primal urges.

Always supervise your dog’s eating any treats, and in particularly dog treat bones.