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FISH Dog Treats

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DOG FISH treats – All Australian*

If you are looking for fish treats for dogs, you have come to the right place. We have a variety of treats suitable for all life stages. Treats offer an excellent way to show love to your dog and can also work as a positive reinforcement. When choosing a treat, it is essential to ensure that it is healthy and the right one for your dog. At our store, we have sardines for dogs, green lipped mussel for dogs, fish skins, shark cartilage for dogs and more. Fish skin contains collagen Type 2 that offers the same benefit as shark cartilage in mitigating joint issues in older dogs. We are committed to offering the best in pet nutrition and have the finest selection of dog treats and chews.

Dog fish treats are an exceptionally healthy clean (ORGANIC) dog treat for Australian dogs wanting a boost to health and wellness including JOINT SUPPORT.  The asterisk above is because the true and best Green Lipped mussels are imported from New Zealand. All of the rest of these dog fish treats are caught in Australian waters.

Dog Fish treats Serve many purposes these are a short list of their powers

Organic (these are NOT farmed dog treats, not like some land-based animals so the protein is likely to be clean as possible.

Meat protein top up. Most dogs don’t get enough meat protein in their diet, the most bioavailable naturally occurring food that a dog can eat, this is a great way to get something extra into them.

Hypo allergenic.  Foods that dogs are most likely to have allergies to are those that they have been exposed to a lot, like beef, chicken and the multitude of grains that are over used in commercial dog food.  A meat that they haven’t eaten before in any quantity is likely to not flair up allergies – hence being considered hypo allergenic.

Gourmet dog treats – If it isn’t something that they eat regularly and has enough meat scent, it can be used well when shredded down, as a great training treat.

Below we list most of the treats on this page into their FUNCTIONAL categories.

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FISH dog treat Jerkies

These are the Fish meat options.  People love Sardines as they are a WHOLE FOOD (the whole fish) and have a high natural Omega 3 content (great to supplement the lesser quality Flax seed present in many commercial dog foods.

HOKI has been a long-term favourite on this site.  It comes in many varieties, but we try to continue getting the larger harder pieces so that they don’t crumble in transit for you.

Flake – not technically a fish, but regularly bought at fish and chip shops is a treat enjoyed by many humans and dogs alike.  Caught under quotas and sustainable fishing.

Dog fish treats – Shark Cartilage And Green lipped mussels

The shark cartilage is sometimes just bought by owners wanting a good tooth cleaning natural option that is relatively low cost and low fat.  However, as you will see in that treats description, it is one of the greatest natural dog joint support ‘medicines’ available. Used BOTH as a preventative and maintenance option for its high glucosamine and chondroitin content.  BUT also, other alkaloids that work in conjunction with these two main joint support chemicals that you often don’t get into the sanitized ‘commercial’ powders you can buy at many times the price.

Shark Cartilage is something that I feed to my dog daily, and have done so for the last five years. THAT is how we have recovered from lameness and stopped those grunts he used to do getting off his dog bed.

If you have a big dog, you may prefer the shark cartilage WIDE option, that is the same length as the regular sticks, but typically over 10 mm in width and often larger.

For smaller dogs or older dogs who don’t have the chewing capacity even for the regular shark cartilage sticks we provide Powdered options, currently the coarse and fine sizes.

Green lipped mussels are considered the queen of medicinal dog treats and a super food. It has all that the shark cartilage provides and more.  Because it is so sort after around the globe for human consumption, the source price for treats reflects its high demand.

DogFish Skins dog treats

Remarkable that we have so many fish skin varieties. But a lot of people who want an occupier treat (one that will last quite a while for small to medium dogs, and not provide too many calories and is safe makes these treats exceptional value for this function.

Ling fish skins and salmon fish skins are very similar in shape and size, but vary with harvest and drying processes. Typically, of a ropey texture and the size of half a pen they make for many a happy dog.

The mackerel skins currently are a much longer treat (about double of the ling) and a looser twist. These appear a little more raggedy and are great for bigger dogs wanting to get a them faster.

Shark skin currently come in about the same lengths as the ling and salmon fish skins but are mostly and open curl or flat piece of skin – making them often the easiest skin treat for dogs to chew.

Gourmet dogfish treats

We have actually put tougher a ‘Christmas gourmet fish pack’ that you can enjoy all year round. It includes sample sizes of green lipped mussels, hoki or similar fish, and ling fish skins.  A perfect sampling of all the different functional treat concepts above.

Squid Jerky ironically is considered a unique treat – many because most of the searches on google about squid and dog treats are questions asking if dogs can eat squid. The resounding answer is yes, like all of the other fish we sell, its just fish meat, with a slightly different amino acid profile from one another. The squid pieces like the rest of our fish are 100% animal product just dried, they are in fact the easiest chewing fish jerky because they are small and thin slivers of meat.

Green lipped mussel morsels are listed last here because while they are one of our most sort after treats, they are not always available so please check if they are available when you come to order each time.

What sets Healthy Dog Treats dog fish treats apart?

Good question.  We have been in this business for over ten yeas, exclusively selling dog treats, and have rejected MANY inferior products.

  • 100% fish
  • No added preservatives, colouring or additives

But its more than that, we don’t stack our range with random low quality fish options just to make the range look bigger and impressive.  If it’s a very common fish that we don’t think will provide any extra value to you, we don’t sell it.

If it’s a fish that is likely to not last long or arrive crumbly to you we don’t stock it.

We typically pack fish in their individual plastic bags, with bubble wrap, often inside of a box if they are particularly fragile (like sardines or green lipped mussels) – but they are the exception of treats we sell, they are high quality for so many other functional and health reasons, that we persevere with their fragile nature and ensure we get them to you in the best shape possible.

We scour the best and most useful dog fish treats we can find and keep stock levels low to ensure highest freshness to you (a high turnover rate).

THAT is why buying fish dog treats from us makes so much sense to you and your dog !

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