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Hoki, Flake, Shark Cartilage, Squid, Green Lipped Mussels = Healthy Dog Treats

In straight fish form we now offer Hoki (blue grenadier), Sardines, Ling Fish skins dog treats. For many dog owners, Shark (an honorary fish) is the dog treat of choice for dog owner’s in the know.

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In Shark / Flake we have the options of shark cartilage (great crunchy treat with all of the benefits of land-based animal bones plus micro nutrients from the sea. Also very good with relieving arthritis in many dogs), or shark flesh (shark fillets) are a great addition to any dog’s diet. Or if you prefer you can use Shark Cartilage powder (coarse) sprinkled over your dog’s food to assist with reducing joint pain (swelling) naturally.

Our Premium offerings now include the Green Lipped Mussel very important for assisting relief of arthritis. If you are after more information on trials, please check our NUTRTION tab and search for the specific product you are interested in.

ALL fish products are CAUGHT in Australian waters, besides Green Lipped Mussel, that authentically is always of NZ origin.

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