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Hoki (Blue Grenadier)

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High quality protein & GOOD Oil in 1.

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Hoki Fish (Blue Grenadier) DOG TREATS – Australian Origin

Hoki or more commonly known as Blue Grenadier in Victorian Fish shops, is a deep sea fish found exclusively in the southern parts of Australia and NZ.

And that is a very good reason to buy it from a quality VICTORIAN dog treat seller (us).

Please note that the shape and depth of colour can vary widely from batch to batch. We endearvour to update Hoki images as often as we can, but between batches this can be tricky. Rest assured that they are all 100% Hoki.

This extremely healthy fish dog treat comes in many different sizes depending on seasonality and drying methods. Current stocks are in the short to mid length stick format about 5 mm thick and 5-10 cm long.

It has to be said that HOKI is one of the most varied (between batches) dog treats that we get in. This video shows a more flat version rather than the sticks we often get … but there is still a lot of joy in the eating, no matter the shape!

Hoki dog treats are a golden colour and have a strong flavour and scent. The scent is reminiscent of sardines making it very attractive to many dogs.

Besides a great meat protein source, the Hoki / blue grenadier also has high quantities of healthy Omega 3.

Hoki Oil is also used in pet care for:

  • restoring hair to strong sheen
  • reduce skin irritation
  • natural arytenoids boost the immune system
  • Assists delay retinal aging.
  • Joint support
  • Cardiac care

HOKI (Macruronus novaezelandiae)  is also known as: New Zealand hake, blue hake, blue grenadier, New Zealand whiptail, whiptail.

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