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Yoghurt Dog Treats & Carob Dog Treats

These can be some great supplemental dog treats, milk based and chocolate substitute Yogurt Drops dog treats & carob dog treats.

If you are new to the world of non-meat dog treats, you might wonder what these two treats are doing here. Well the fact is that not everyone wants to buy meat dog treats for their dogs, and if we are going to supply ‘variety’ or supplemental treats, then we prefer that they serve a purpose. Just like we tend to recommend the animal or medicinal based dog biscuits most (beef, cheese, charcoal etc), The yoghurt and Carob dog treats also have a nutritional value beyond the expected.

Yoghurt dog treats

The great news for dogs and owners who love this treat is that Yoghurt powder as its FIRST ingredient and milk solids as its second in these drops! This means that using natural cow products that the fat is relatively high, but we doubt that anyone is giving their dogs yogurt drops purely for medicinal purposes.

The value of providing real yogurt powder (not just a flavouring) is that the cultures can have a beneficial value to the dog’s digestive system. And of course, these and Carob buttons being AUSTRALIAN made is also a bonus.

Carob dog treats

Like the yoghurt drops, Carob drops are also Australian made and have REAL first ingredients. The first ingredient being Carob powder and the second ingredient is Whey powder.

We provide more details about Carob dog treats in that page’s description, but suffice to say that it’s a great Chocolate substitute (since chocolate is toxic to dogs), and Carob is a bean from the carob bush that is harvested, dried and ground. It provides vitamins A,B,D and numerous essential minerals like Calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Whey powder (the second ingredient in Carob drops) is the liquid formed as a by-product of cheese making.

The proteins actually contain α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin, serum albumin and immunoglobulins. Which make them ideal for human dietary supplements. Not only that but Epidemiological and experimental studies suggest that dietary milk products (such as whey powder) are likely to assist in cancer prevention in dogs.

We don’t expect that either Yoghurt or carob drops should form a major part of any dog’s diet, but that is why they are a supplemental treat, The fact that they are already in quite small button formats means that its much easier to meter out these treats to your dog without overdoing it and adding too many kJ.

If you are unsure about any ingredients, please click on a specific treat, and read the long descriptions, with ingredient lists provided by manufacturers.