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Healthy Dog Treat Specials

Some of these Specials OR Christmas (or any celebration) healthy dog treats are discounted 7% below their regular discounted prices, all year round (except chewer packs). So that makes these natural healthy dog treats the ideal Christmas gift or present, anytime!

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All you have to do is select the treat you want, register & pay with either credit card or Paypal – both sale processes are handled by PayPal!

Dog Christmas Treat Specials  are extra special because they are genuinely healthy with tasty MEAT. Add to that the fact that our already discounted range is discounted further gives you very easy access to the healthiest dog treats online.

We provide something for everyone from our Christmas Sampler dog treat pack which provides FIVE of our most popular treats.

The next dog treat pack is for the serious dog lovers: For those who like to shop for bulk & quality meat dog treats you can’t go past our FOUR KILO special, the HEAVY MUNCHERS BULK PACK. This includes FOUR x one kilo dog treat packs: Beef Jerky, Kangaroo Jerky, Chicken Breast fillets and Duck Jerky.

Our medium and heavy chewers packs are some of our top sellers because of the wide variety we have collated in one place for you. A great gift for a special someone …

Happy shopping for any dog treat celebration, or just because you want your dog to be healthier and happier, as well as their owner !

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