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SUPER Ultra Rotation Bundle

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Ultra bundles on rotation!

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Super Ultra Rotation Treats – Dog Subscription Box

If you love all of our BIGGER subscription box packs, why not enjoy a different one each month?

In this subscription box we rotate through the Larger packs each month.

This means January is AUSSIE  Ultra Dog treats month, February = Roo Specialist pack,  March = Supreme Seafood Jnr pack, then in April back to Aussie jnr and so on.

So it depends on what month you join us with your subscription, but regardless, it means that for the six month subscription you will eventually get TWO of each of the three larger packs.

In the 12 month subscription you will get each of the three packs FOUR times throughout the year from when you order.

For those of you wanting the spice of life, and a very healthy variety choice that is a different box each month, this subscription box is for you.

In this smorgasbord of treats you get something a little different each month.  Even though two of the packs are roo jerky, they are different cuts of the meat (small and long).

There is truly something for every dog.  All natural, all single ingredient, all Aussie (except the NZ green lipped mussels – the greatest source of these globally).

INGREDIENTS Dog Subscription boxes

Each month we rotate through the following list:

STAPLES  SNR Dog treats: Aus chicken 200g, Aus Beef 200g, Aus Roo LONG 200g, NZ Green Lipped Mussels GLM 100

Roo SPECIALIST Dog Treats: Roo Jerky sml  200g, Roo Cart 200g, Roo Tendon 300g

Supreme Seafood JNR. Shark cartilage 200g, FLAKE 300g, Sardine 200g

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