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BIG CHEWER Sampler Pack 700g+

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BIG CHEWING dogs challenge & teeth cleaning!

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BIG Chewing DOG Sampler Pack. Exceeding Expectations…

If you are the owner of a small tenacious powerful breed dog with big chewing appetite, or have a fully sized mature powerful breed dog, you have probably tried many chewing options, including rubber toys. This pack beats them all.

We always recommend our 100% animal treats specifically tested for your big chewing dog for chewing time, teeth cleaning AND nutrition !

The medium sized dog chewing pack is at a level suitable for smaller dogs, but this BIG CHEWER pack takes chewing to the next level. The only treat in common between that pack and this is the shark cartilage (due to its ‘miracle’ healthy properties as well as great teeth cleaning ability. Here is the list of treats you will receive in this BIG CHEWING DOG pack:

  • Bully Beef Stick  SHORT, XLG Width 30g
  • Beef Tendon x 1
  • Cow Hooves x 2
  • Kangaroo Clod bone x 1
  • Pork Roll x 1
  • Shark Cartilage x 5

Exceptional BIG DOG CHEWING dog treats !

Beef bully sticks have been the favourite of many a big dog owner. These are different in that they are slightly flattened, allowing even the lower chewing dog the chance to rip and tear them. They are provided in LONG full length format.

Beef Tendon are a big sized treat but one that most good chewing dogs can relatively easily break down. They are not meat based, so your dog won’t get fat from them.

Cow hooves are one of the hardest long chewing treats we have. Along with the Pork JUMBO Roll (that we have video of a Rottweiler failing to break into see the left hand column of this site) these two treats are at the forefront challenge of most big dogs to chew.

The kangaroo clod bone has consistently been shown gram for gram to be one of the hardest bones around. So not only should it take a long time for your dog to eat, when they do get to the marrow it will provide them the healthiest fats as a reward

We have included shark cartilage in this pack, as while they are not a big chewing challenge, they clean teeth very well and are very low fat. Also as the owner of a big dog you may eventually come across joint problems and shark cartilage is known to assist with the prevention of osteoarthritis. It helps build cartilage, provides pain relief and is a precursor to the fluid in the space between bones. A true miracle shark cartilage dog treat – see these articles.

Included in this pack Bully Beef Stick (SHORT & XLG Width (30g)), Beef Tendon x 1, Cow Hooves x 2, Kangaroo Clod bone x 1, Pork Roll x 1, Shark Cartilage x 5

The weight of the pack is typically 600g plus but changes seasonally, because these are 100% animal products.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 7 × 7 cm