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Premium Dog Food Australian Made

Are you looking for Australia dog food to keep your canine friend healthy and happy?

Having sold healthy dog treats since 2011, we have strived to provide the most natural healthy ingredient nutrition possible. We have a wide variety of dog food prepared from the finest ingredients and with an emphasis on the needs of your dog. If you are looking for dry dog food, we have options packed with nutrition and taste. We also have kibble dog food to nourish your dog from the inside out. With the varied range of dry food that we have, you can make mealtimes a real treat. Browse through the options that we have to satisfy the taste temptations while keeping your dog healthy.

And that extends to our new DOG FOOD range (as of 2022).

With many high priced brands being imported from the US, with unknown ingredient origins, we waited until we could get a TRUE Australian made range for you and your dogs.

The DRY kibble DOG FOOD range

This highlight of this Blackdog range, besides meeting all of the affco standards is the lack of extras owners don’t want:

  • NO artificial preservatives
  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial Flavours.
  • Gluten Free
  • Glucosamine added (for joint support)

That is why they label the range “NO BS – No Nasties”

They also include Probiotics AND prebiotics to assist digestion and healthy gut bacteria.

Also unlike many new entrants to the market, Blackdog have been in the dog nutrition industry (dog treats) for over THIRTY years in Australia. It took a long time for them to consider a specific formula worthy of their name – and we are glad that they have now released it.

Currently they have FOUR products in their range.  ADULT:  chicken and rice and veg, Lamb and rice and veg, Ocean fish and Salmon, and a Chicken and rice and Veg PUPPY range. We are sure there is a meat in their that is to your dogs liking.


Is dry dog food bad?

Dry Dog Food is not inherently bad. The quality of dry food varies depending on its ingredients and the brand’s commitment to nutrition. Australia Dog Food from Healthy Dog Treats ensures high-quality ingredients are used, making it a wholesome choice for pet owners seeking nutritious food for their canine companions.

Is dry food better for dogs?

Whether Dry Food is better for dogs depends on many factors, including specific needs and dietary requirements. Dry Dog Food offers the advantage of convenience, longer shelf life, and dental health benefits, given its crunchy nature. However, choosing high-quality brands, like Healthy Dog Treat, is essential to ensure balanced nutrition.

What is kibble in dog food?

Kibble refers to the small, dry pellets that comprise Kibble Dog Food. It’s processed under high heat and pressure, producing a shelf-stable product. The nutrients and flavours are often locked in, providing a complete diet in each bite of Australian Dog Food by Healthy Dog Treat.

Is kibble a good food for dogs?

Kibble Dog Food can be a good food option for dogs from a reputable brand. It’s very convenient, helps in dental hygiene due to its crunchy nature, and can offer balanced nutrition. However, choosing kibble that prioritises high-quality ingredients is significant to ensure that your dog receives the best possible food.

What is the best dog food in Australia

The best dog food in Australia varies based on individual dog needs and owner preferences. However, Healthy Dog Treats offers a range of top-quality Australian dog Food, including Kibble Dog Food, ensuring that pets receive a balanced and nutritious diet made with the finest ingredients.

How much food to feed dog Australia?

The amount of food to feed a dog in Australia depends on the dog’s size, activity level, age, and the specific food brand. Each Dry Dog Food product, including those from Healthy Dog Treats, usually provides feeding guidelines on the product packaging. Consulting with a veterinarian can also offer personalised feeding recommendations for your pet.