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We know all of our single ingredient Healthy dog treats are amazing … but this seafood mixture (GUMBO) is indeed quite special. Many owners want ultimate health for their dogs but are not sure of what to buy among our extensive range.  Others don’t want to risk even buying small packets of treats that their dog might choose not to eat.

Other dog owners want either a treat that is delicious (to ensure a fussy eater will eat it), or that is nutritious (has quality meat protein) OR has some kind of medicinal value (i.e. joint support).

BUT what about those owners that want it all?

That is exactly why we created this exclusive mixture of some of the finest seafood treats available all mixed together in the one pack.

Amazing Seafood Gumbo Product properties Venn Diagram


What you get, and why you want it.

What THREE equal amounts of 100% Single ingredients are in it?

  • Shark Cartilage Granular
  • Whole Sardine powder
  • Whole shrimp Powder

TEXTURE:  It turns out that many dogs don’t fancy a simple highly refined powder as a topper.  There is no crunch to it, no texture.  Essentially nothing to get their teeth into.  You will also find that most driers charge a premium for the extra time and effort it takes to grind anything down to a super fine powder.  So it kind of makes sense to provide exceptional taste, nutrition and medicinal functions at the most affordable price, that you allow some of the original whole treats to be slightly visible among the powder.

The three major values of Bruce’s Amazing Seafood gumbo.


While dogs have limited taste buds, they have exceptional smell, and it’s the smell of food that entices them to eat it.  Seafood can have a relatively strong smell for most dogs, so that often means that they will ‘give it a go’  and once they taste the meat, or the healthy Omega 3 from the salmon, they will usually eat at a faster pace.

You will also find that while some dogs can become bored with a single treat, combing the three together will provide an exceptional smell palate to keep them entertained, and desire eating the food


I would normally place the most emphasis on this characteristic, but there is no point in providing the most nutritious food for a dog, if it doesn’t taste good to them.

While many owners have their favourite commercial dog food, or even make their own meals, not all foods are high enough in meat to give your dog the quality ANIMAL protein they require.

For a while kangaroo was the only go to food for a vets exclusion diet, but recently many vets have been prescribing fish (single ingredient plus a carb like rice) for its hypo allergenic properties.

These fish and sea creatures in this gumbo are wild caught under quota in AUSTRALIA.  That means they are truly organic and as clean a protein as you will get.

Because we have provided extensive information under each of the separate treats, there is little need copying that all here, but we will go a little into that in the next section.

Suffice to say, that the NUTRITION circle we have in the above Venn diagram relates to quality protein providing ample amounts of each of the TEN essential Amino acids your dog needs.  A great boost for any regular food as a topper, or just as a reward treat.


Medicinal treats don’t mean pharmaceuticals. It means a treat that has had science papers written on its effectiveness, and is often sold at vets or online in small little jars at much higher cost.  Just because its refined further, or has a pretty jar, makes no difference to the   value of the ingredients,  if you want quality with minimum processing and maximum value, that is what this treat provides.

In particular,  Shark Cartilage has been show to prevent joint issues in humans and dogs, and also to assist rebuilding the cartilage and fortifying the fluid between the bones to reduce wear and tear.  We sell many varieties of shark cartilage, all based on grinding down the sticks.  The version included in this GUMBO is the coarse powder (great value and texture).

Whole sardines are also a very popular treat in the dog world. Rapid and high temperature treatment in canned sardines often have people prefer a more raw or whole dried sardine version that we use in this gumbo. Sardine is a very tasty treat for dogs, and also provides Omega 3, that is brilliant for assisting anti inflammatory properties and its work in the heart, and brain of your dog.

SHRIMP is the third an final ingredient in this amazing gumbo mix. Whole shrimp might be a little difficult for older dogs or puppies to consume a they crunch down the shell, but in powdered form, its easy for ANY dog to eat. Also you will find that dried whole shrimp is extremely light (low volume), so it either takes up a lot of space in an order, or crumbles on the way.  The Powdered version thus can make great sense.

The medicinal advantage of shrimp is in its shell.  And more precisely the chemical Chitosan.  Chitosan is a dietary fibre derived from chitin. Not only can it assist in keeping your dogs intestine healthy, it might be useful in reducing obesity and cholesterol.

CONCLUSION – if you are after a NATURAL animal derived powder, made from 100% animal products (no fillers).  Then Bruce’s Seafood Gumbo dog treat, that includes Shark cartilage, sardine and shrimp IS the perfect nexus of:


INGREDIENTSOne third each of:  Shark Cartilage COARSE powder. WHOLE ground Sardine. Whole ground Mantis Shrimp.


PRODUCT of Australia

TEXTURE. Coarse powder light to dark brown.

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