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Salmon Meat Granules

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The best fish topper around !

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Salmon Granules Dog Treats – Australian Product

The perfect topper or meal supplements for your dog.

This treat is single ingredient. Just salmon meat shredded down and dried into easy to eat granules, it includes all of the nutrient benefits of salmon fish without the high expense of fillets.

Basically the way that ultra high end fish work in Australia is the best fillet are sent OS or consumed in our best restaurants,  but even supermarket variety salmon is expensive.  AND note that raw salmon has a short shelf life,  and is full of water – hence why using DRIED healthy Salmon Granules is a much better idea.

That is why the value of Salmon meat granules is still so exceptional. You get dried healthy single ingredient dog treats HIGH IN OMEGA 3 and all of the regular salmon benefits, with a natural long shelf life (that has NO preservative).

Note, most raw meat products can contain 70 to 80% water. Dried product only has about 10-15% water at most. This means that the product is extremely condensed in nutrition and very high in clean protein for your dog !

INGREDIENTS:  Australian salmon single ingredient.  NO additives, fillers etc.

Hence the pinky red colour of this product – regular salmon meat! Just dried !

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