SUBSCRIPTION BOXES – The Healthy Dog Treat way !

SUBSCRIPTION DOG BOXES - Monthly Doggy Deliveries !

We know all dogs love our treats, and that they are actually good for them, and now we take the stress out of ordering – or at least making sure your dog pantry is full at least once a month, with quality chews.

We like to do things a LOT better at healthy dog treats, rather than you waiting for Coupon specials or having to think each month what you might like, we have put together SUPER SUBSCRIPTION DOG BOXES, typically 3 single ingredient treats per box. 

For each of the bundles below you can either order a single pack to see what the fuss is about, or order 6  months of monthly supplies with a 5% discount off Treats, OR Twelve months of monthly supplies with a 9% discount off treats.  All prices include postage!

NOTE - if you are concerned about the larger 'one off ' price (even though month subs include auto discounts), Choose the 'PAY 4' option at Checkout to spread your payments over FOUR equal interest free amounts.

HOW the treat packs are organised.

We have put together THREE medium sized packs (3 types of Single Ingredients)  and the fourth medium subs option rotates through each of those three medium packs, so you get perfect variety, every month.

Then we created THREE Super-sized bundles (3 larger types of Single Ingredients)  – with a fourth subs option that rotates each month through those three bundles!

The NINTH pack option is a SUPER FISH Pack – for ultimate dog  joint health (Green-lipped mussels AND shark cartilage included)!

HOW IT WORKS -  Just select the product  you like (same pack each month or the rotation packs),  and for how many months (1, 6 or 12).  And buy it. We then send you out your order mid month, for every month that your subscription lasts. Just select your package and pay at the checkout and you are done.  Your dog will reap the rewards!  Prices include GST and postage.


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