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Supreme Seafood JNR. Dog Treat Pack

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Super Healthy fish bundle

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Super Fish JNR.  100% Aussie – SUBSCRIPTION BOX

So what is all this fuss about Aussie fish I hear you ask.

Most owners know how healthy fish are in their diet, and by extension you should understand what providing organic protein from the sea can do for your carnivore dogs.

Your dogs have had enough grain or carbs in their diet from commercial dog food. So if you buy this subscription box just to top up or supplement their regular pellet meals then this is the value pack for you!


If you don’t know why your dog needs shark cartilage, we can tell you it is the number one natural treat for leg joint healthy ‘prevention and maintenance’.  Chondroitin and glucosamine abound in this miracle treat and besides its medicinal value it is a low kilojoule good teeth cleaning chew.

Flake is included as a great sea animal protein treat.  Sustainably caught in Aussie waters.

Everyone knows that sardines are good for humans and cats, so why not dogs? A lot of people use sardines from cans, but often the high heat and pressure that these mass-produced products reduce the value of the protein and oil that the sardines contain.

We provide whole sardines in all their Omega 3 oily goodness.

INGREDIENTS:  Shark cartilage 200g, FLAKE 300g, Sardine 200g

NO Additives or preservatives. Just healthy fish/ shark product !

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