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GOOD CHEWS Dog Treats Pack

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Healthy and Chewy subs box

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Good Chews Dog Treats Pack – Subscription box

Welcome to the wonderful world of MONTHLY perfect mid-sized dog’s chews and health treats.

Yes these are treats are All AUSTRALIAN, All 100% animal based with don’t have additives, preservatives or colouring.

But you might ask what kind of dog these would be most suitable for.

The reality is, any dog that can chew them.  If your dog can eat kibble, these chews are only a slightly higher level of chewing.  A puppy or very old dog might have a little extra effort in eating them, but why should they miss out on the nutrition?

We have purposefully chosen three of the best treats that give the perfect mix between medicinal health (shark cartilage), a solid slightly longer chew (kangaroo cartilage), and just clean low fat high quality protein – (Kangaroo jerky).

You can check out each individual product in our shop for full details, but here is a good summary.

Shark Cartilage are from sustainably caught shark in Australian waters. The cartilage is typically about 10-15 cm long by up to 1 cm in width (but often less). It is one of the greatest joint support natural products you can buy – with high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin. I feed it to my dog EVERY day as a preventative and maintenance joint support tool.

Roo cartilage are small little nuggets of cartilage. They are a little harder to chew than muscle or kangaroo tendon and are often about 3 by 5 cm maximum, some are half that size. Just a great safe longer chew.

The roo jerky small pieces are very low fat and very easy for any dog to eat. Tiny or old dogs might struggle slightly, but they will also get the benefit of teeth cleaning as well as an animal protein boost.

Always supervise dogs eating treats.

Ingredients:  200g Shark Cartilage, 200g ROO CART, 200g ROO JERKY sml

Additives:  NONE, these are ALL single ingredient treats.

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