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STAPLES Ultra Dog treats

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Super-Sized Staples!

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Staples Ultra Natural Dog Treats

The absolute genius of this Healthy Dog Treat pack is that for a few dollars more you get a major upgrade from the Aussie Jnr Pack.

Yes these are all 100% single ingredient dog treats.

Yes they are all super healthy and great supplements to your regular commercial dog food.

And here is the major difference.  It has the same beef and chicken amounts, but we have supersized the Kangaroo jerky from small pieces to the LONG variety (sometimes cut in half to fit in the box).

This mightn’t seem like a big deal, but it can be for dogs and owners., While the roo jerky small (in the Aussie Jnr packs) is very small pieces and very low fat, the Roo Jerky Long is cut longer (around 15 – 20 cm max) and thicker harder meat cut, for greater chewing and teeth cleaning.

And of course you also get the PRIME joint support natural dog treat Green Lipped mussels. These are a premium product from NZ and extremely tasty for almost every dog on the planet.

Always supervise your dogs eating treats – you never know what they will get up to.

Ingredients:   Aus chicken 200g, Aus Beef 200g, Aus Roo LONG 200g, NZ Green Lipped Mussells GLM 100g


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