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CHICKEN Dog Treats

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Chicken Healthy Dog Treats options

If you want tasty Chicken Dog Treats, you have come to the right dog treat shop! We have a variety of dog chicken treats that are packed with protein and are easily digestible. We have nutritious treats that make the ideal addition to your dog’s diet. We have options suitable for dogs of all sizes, ages and breed.

Our chicken dog treats range from the almost 100% chicken to the lower end of approximately 40% chicken in the composite treats.

The reason that you are likely to want to buy chicken dog treats is that it is one of the most common meats used in dog food, so your dog is probably already used to it. If it isn’t allergic to chicken used in dog food, then its very unlikely to have issues with our chicken breast dog treats.

There is a theory that many dogs evolved to eat chicken and birds beyond all animals because since most dogs are much smaller than wolves, birds and small prey are the kinds of animals that most dogs would have adapted to eat.

The chicken breast dog treat truth.

Chicken breast or any high percentage chicken dog treat are a great protein source and VERY easy to eat for all dogs.

Standard chicken breast typically has around 10% animal fat content, If its much higher than this, they have included too much skin or rendered fat instead of the quality meat.

If you are buying very low fat chicken (1-2%) , the meat has been highly rendered (heat treated) which can destroy the proteins and render the nutrition value low. Blackdog chicken breast dog treats are said to have a fat content of around 4%.

The fact that chicken breast is mostly whole cuts of meat means that while it is easy to eat, a dog still needs to rip and sherd it apart, so the jerky can still help clean their teeth.

Chicken jerky used in dog treats typically has a VERY high percentage of meat (usually above 97%). The only reason that it isn’t 100% like beef jerky or kangaroo or fish dog treats products is that just drying chicken doesn’t make it very palatable. It easily over-dries and become a tough and just not enjoyable. That is why soy protein and glycerine are typically added as the second and third ingredients.

If you look at the high and great protein level on Chicken breast (blackdog is 71%) you can see how the very high meat content translates to the very high (and good) protein amount that is required by carnivore dogs to make up for the very low minimum level required in dog food (19%).

The other high meat content on the page is Duck Jerky. The great thing about this treat is like chicken, it has a very high meat content with the small percentage of additives only added to make the meat more palatable and soft (and not spoil).

The other high meat content and HARDEST of the chicken treats is cow hooves with Chicken mince stuffed and dried into them. For dogs requiring a longer harder treat, that then has a NATURAL reward for all of their efforts, this could be your new go to chicken treat.

Composite chicken dog treats.

The next set of chicken  treats that we can highly recommend are composite treats (have wheat added). These are Chicken meat balls, chicken crinkles and Chicken sticks. The reason we recommend these is that they are highly affordable and have at least 40% chicken meat (higher than many dog foods).

The other composite chicken dog treats we carry are Chicken discs and Chicken skewers by blackdog.  These both have higher amounts of meat than the above composite products – the only caveat is that while highly trusted sources, blackdog still source these last two from OS.

Buy Dog Chicken Treats

If you are after straight chicken dog treats, we have two types, Aussie Chicken breast, and blackdog chicken breast (OS source). They both have similar very high percentage of meat (97% plus, with a small number of safe additives for taste and softening effects.

The composite chicken dog treats are ALL about the meat content of most dog food (40% plus). Most are sourced locally in Australia, while two legacy Blackdog products are still sourced from safe OS sources of theirs.

For more detailed specific nutritional information about products, please read the description at the bottom of each product page.


Are chicken treats good for dogs?

Dog Chicken Treats are healthy for dogs when you get them from reputable and trustworthy brands. Chicken is an excellent, lean source of protein, which is highly useful for muscle development and overall health. Chicken treats for dogs from Healthy Dog Treats are made from top-quality ingredients, ensuring your pet gets the best nutrition while enjoying a tasty snack.

Can I give my dog chicken breast as a treat?

Yes, you can give your dog chicken breast as a treat. Chicken breast is lean, making it a healthy option. However, when offering chicken breast, ensure it’s cooked thoroughly without adding seasonings or harmful ingredients.

How to dry chicken for dog treats

Cut thin slices of chicken breasts to dry chicken for Dog Chicken Treats. Lay them on a baking sheet and place them in an oven set at a low temperature, around 150°F or 65°C, until thoroughly dry. This method produces homemade chicken treats for dogs that are free from additives. However, if you are on the go, check out Healthy Dog Treats for healthy snacks for your pet.

How to cook chicken for dog treat

To cook chicken for a dog treat:

  1. Ensure it’s clean and bones-free.
  2. Boil or steam the chicken until it’s fully cooked.
  3. Avoid adding any seasonings.

Once cooked, you can cut it into small, bite-sized pieces, creating wholesome Dog Chicken Treats.

How to dehydrate chicken for dog treats

To dehydrate chicken for Dog Chicken Treats, use a dehydrator. Slice the chicken thinly and place the slices in the dehydrator, following the machine’s instructions. Typically, it takes several hours for the chicken to become fully dehydrated. The result is natural chicken treats that can be stored for extended periods for your furry friend.

Is chicken a high-value dog treat?

Chicken is often considered a high-value dog treat. Its yummy taste makes it highly desirable to dogs, mainly when used as Dog Chicken Treats. Its lean protein content and digestibility make it an excellent reward for training sessions and positive reinforcement.