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This little Piggy Dog Treats

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Ultimate Pork treats box!

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This Little Piggy Dog Treats – SUBSCRIPTION BOX

 As the name suggests, this monthly treat pack is all about pork.

If you are after a mid to long chew for a mid to large dog, or tenacious small dog, then pork skin dog treats are typically the best natural way to go.

Dogs love pig’s ears and for some, one ear can last a few days…  but not everyone knows about the other wonders of pig dog treats.

Chances are, if your dog loves pork or pig’s ears, they will love these other treats, as ALL of the treats are just pig’s skin in one way or another.

We could have ‘thrown in a bone’ but since so many people are wary about their dog eating bones not in their supervision, this is a much better way of playing it safe.  You will also find that 100% single ingredient animal products like these, that are just oven dried, are much safer than what some factories produce and deliver to the $2 shops in the form of glued leather pieces.

Pork dog treats pack – Lets get specific.

Pigs ears are just pig’s ears dried. They are whole pieces and often get carried around by smaller dogs as a comforter or part of their territory until they can eat them all.

Pigs snouts have a lot more retexture and bumps, but are of course much smaller than pigs ears. This is why people will often give their dog one of these in-between meals, knowing that they will probably be able to eat it all in one sitting without ‘spoiling their dinner, or putting in too many kilo joules.

The mini pork rolls we include are just rectangular strips of pigs skin rolled up.  These often provide a greater chewing challenge than pigs ears, and some owners even unravel them a little big to give their dogs a good start in the chewing.

Pork skin dog treats vary by colour mostly (besides the animal colouring) because of oven temp and time in the oven. Darker the colour, often the longer that batch took to dry. These treats are all just oven dried and packed. Nothing added.

Always supervise your dog(s) eating treats.

Ingredients:  AUS PIGS EARS x 4, PIG SNOUT 200g, Pork ROLLS x 6

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