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Crocodile Dog Food

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Crocodile Dog Treats

Crocodile is an exotic, 100% AUSTRALIAN breed and processed dog treat.

While Roo and fish are organic, wild Crocodile in Australia is protected so the only source of dog treats are from responsibly farmed Crocodile.

The reason you should be interested in Crocodile is because being exotic/ relatively rare, it is a meat that your dog is unlikely to have eaten before. So besides being a premium protein source in high demand around the world. It is also exceptionally good for your dog! Moreover, if your dog is prone to food sensitivities, crocodile dog food makes a great choice.

Its relative rareness means that it is also hypo allergenic and VERY unlikely to cause any dog any allergy issues. The rich vitamin and mineral content make crocodile dog food suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

High in protein, low in cholesterol, high in good animal fats (Omega 3).

What Crocodile dog treats are best?

You might be surprised to know that many times that people search for crocodile products they are either buying them from a questionable overseas NON-Australian source, or ones that are not authentic crocodile meat.

Large strips of crocodile steak are typically reserved for human consumption at fine restaurants in Australia and export markets, however we are lucky to presently enjoy small pieces of crocodile meat (often cut from leg and tail sections).

The point about crocodile is that just about every part of them Is useful and great for dog treat consumption.

Being exotic means that typically there are small amounts available from the source, and that fees are high. And that means you probably don’t want your dog eating these great treats as fast as kibble. And if you feed your dog kibble or wet canned commercial dog food, you typically don’t get a lot of genuine natural WHOLE animal product in it.

That is why things like crocodile bone, or crocodile ridges, that have bone, meat and skin on them are fantastic whole foods SINGLE INGREDIENT for your dog.

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Crocodile dog treats makes a perfect regular treat for high end dogs, or a wonderful gift for some ‘dog’ special.

CROCODILE DOG TREAT INGREDIENTS –  ALL crocodile products we currently sell are 100% crocodile. Simply dried and NO preservatives or additives.