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Crocodile Ridges

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100% Crocodile crunchy ridges

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Crocodile Ridges Dog Treats (100% Aussie Croc)!

Ever thought about giving your dog crocodile dog treats but didn’t know where to start?

Crocodile ridges are the answer!

These vary from little triangles only a few cm long to 8 cm long by 2 cm wide long triangles.  These are the little ridges you see on a crocodile’s tail.

Why Crocodile ridges are great for your dog is the same that crocodile feet are. They are the WHOLE package. They are a thin (safe and blunt) bone, with a layer of crocodile meat, wrapped in thin crocodile’s skin.  All highly digestible, all hypo allergenic, all crunchy dog preoccupying goodness.

Crocodile meat provides a different protein than your dog has had before, but a highly bio available one, meaning that it’s a great addition of lean protein to your dog.

These pieces are small enough even for the very small dogs to chew on. The bones are small enough that even small dogs can gnaw on them and get to the marrow. Just a great overall NATURAL animal-based dog product.

      • 100% Single ingredient
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Suitable for dogs of almost any size
      • ZERO additives or preservatives
      • 100% Australian produce

  Ingredients =  100% Crocodile Ridges.

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