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Crocodile Leg BONES

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100% Genuine Crocodile bone

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Crocodile Leg Bones Dog Treats  – 100% Australian

Our crocodile dog treat products are from sustainably farmed 100% Australian crocodiles.

With typically 10 – 15 bones per 500g They are often only 10 cm -15 long – but this varies from harvest to harvest.

They can either be straight or slightly bent. The good news is that unlike many farmed animal bones, these bones still have a little meat on their surface. With two bones in the leg of approximately equal length, dogs will be able to enjoy chewing on four end of bone knobs (easy access chewing).

Like the crocodile meat, these bones will have crocodile protein, so even the marrow is considered to be one of the highest non allergy fats around.

Like with any dog bone dog treat, we recommend you supervise your dog while eating them, and know that if that they break a piece off, that they will either leave it or chew it until it is a safe size to swallow.

Crocodile leg bone dog treat main Benefits

Crocodile bones SMALL SIZE

These are one of the smallest of the bone range meaning that ANY dog can enjoy them. Typically big chewing dog owners want the biggest bones to preoccupy their dogs, but when you give a very large bone to a small dog, or even a medium dog with soft jaws (like cocker spaniels) they can quickly lose interest as they don’t get any purchase on the bone.  Sometimes they wont even begin chewing on a bone that presents as too formidable for them.  That is where the niche of a smaller bone comes into play.

But note, they aren’t so small as things like chicken wings – the problem with those kinds of bones is that there is a much smaller margin for error on drying super small bones, so as not to make them too moist or too dry and brittle.

Croc leg dog treat Meat content

Because of the uneven nature of these leg bones, it is not always easy for suppliers to remove all of the meat from the main shaft, like mostly happens on lamb and pork bones.  This means that even on small croc leg bones, there is often substantial meat, compared with regularly farmed conventional animals.

Croc bone hypoallergenic nature

Just like the meat, croc bones share the hypo-allergenic category of their cousin crocodile jerky.  Hypoallergenic usually refers to a novel protein, one that normally doesn’t cause allergies and one that a dog would rarely have ingested.  While kangaroo is often brilliant for that, true crocodile dog trats goes one step further, because of the rarity and expense of the raw materials.

It is very unlikely that the average dog will have ever tasted a substantial amount of crocodile protein.

And while the bone itself is mostly calcium/ phosphorus and collagen, the marrow and any meat on it will contain the crocodile proteins that will provide great nutrition with very low risk of allergy.

Croc bone dog treat PRIMAL URGE

This more specifically refer to small dogs who have rarely had the operating to feel really primary like their big dog cousins.  Mostly because most regular sized leg bones that are hard and without meat are too big for them to be interested in or to get any grip on.  These bones are small enough that even the smallest dog will feel ‘the call of the wild’ as they at least have a chance to gnaw the end pieces off.

Croc bones – Animal protein diversity

We always recommend giving your dog as many different meat sources as possible for dog protein diversity. As dogs are primarily carnivores, in the wild they would have many different animal type options, so giving them only one or two all year round, isn’t providing them with any diversity for them, and so not allowing maximum health options.

Crocodile REAR leg bone dog treats VIDEO – NOTE our current bones are lighter in colour and slightly smaller.

The crocodile bone dog treat nutrients 

Calcium (major element) along with phosphorus, and in the right ratio to maintain the affco recommendations for these elements

Omega 3 and 6 oils, for helping with skin allergies, brain function, heart health etc

These bones of course include a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which can assist with dog joint and mobility issues.

Always supervise your dog while eating bones.

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