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100% Croc Jerky meat

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Crocodile Jerky Dog Treats! Australian

Crocodile dog treats – Genuine Australian Crocodile meat or bones, are an extremely rare, pure hypoallergenic treat.   Because of the very low harvest numbers this product (Croc jerky) is not always in stock, but when it is, we urge you to take advantage of it. Like most 100% meat dog treats, when kept in pantry conditions (low temperature, no light, low oxygen) they can last up to 6 months, but we recommend eating them well before to ensure best freshness.

You may know that Crocodiles in Australia are commercially farmed for human consumption at elite restaurants.  Most of the year we have a supply of crocodile leg bones or crocodile feet, but this is the only 100% crocodile meat product.

Because of the rarity of this meat it is butchered and dried on an as is, or complete manner. That means that the product in parts might include meat and some fat in parts. So, it is not likely to be suitable for dogs on very low KJ diets.

The treats come in little chunks of brown colour meat. They might be a few cm wide by around 4 to 8 cm in length and very low in depth.  This makes them acceptable for ANY dog to eat straight out of the packet, or you can break then further into smaller pieces.

What makes Crocodile meat so special

Dogs can be allergic to many foods, grains and meat. The meats that most dogs are not allergic to are the ones that they have never tasted before. So while kangaroo is considered hypo-allergenic (and used in dog allergy diets), Crocodile meat is even more hypo-allergenic and unlikely to cause an allergy reaction.

If you are after something exotic, that is a real authentic 100% meat based dog treat, so your dog gets all of the bio-available benefits of MEAT protein added to their regular diet, then crocodile jerky might be for you and your dog !

Ingredients = 100 Crocodile Meat & fat, NO additive or colouring used..

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