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Kangaroo Lumbar Bones – WHOLE

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The Healthy Lamb Neck alternative

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Kangaroo Lumbar Bones WHOLE –  dog treats

An Ideal teeth cleaning and nutritious treat for almost any dog.

100% natural, organic, Australian Treat with no additives.

NOTE – each batch has different size bones. If we get a smaller bone batch, we might add an extra bone to a multi pack   to make up for any size differences (even though we pay by the bone) !

We provide these in WHOLE bones, so they provide the best challenge for your dog.

We have sourced the best quality we could find.  These tend to come in around 15-20 cm long and 3-5 cm cross section.  Weight for single pieces are typically around 180g plus or minus 60 g (2023)

We have occasionally had roo tail pieces on sale on our site. These are great little individual roo tail segments, but some people with larger dogs have wanted more segments to increase the chewing time of their dog. But not too many so as to encourage them burying or over eating bone amounts in one meal.

The main use for Kangaroo Lumbar bones is for small and medium sized dogs without big chewing capacity – these dogs will just fuss around the bone parts to extract the meat pieces, which at the same time keep their teeth clean and gums healthy.

Big chewing dogs will easily be able to demolish this whole bone (as we have a video of a rottweiler on our site eating the much harder Roo clod (leg) bone so there was nothing left over.

Why choose Kangaroo Lumbar bones instead of lamb neck?

The reason I make this comparison is that they look remarkable similar. And many vets I have talked to have told me that lamb necks provide the best teeth cleaning for dogs on the market- better than their compressed green vegetable marketing monstrosities with no redeeming nutrition benefit.

The point about the roo lumbar bone is that it has a similar honeycomb structure to the lamb neck, but is environmentally more sustainable (since roos are culled under govt quotas to keep their populations healthy and in some kind of control  AND Roo lumbar Also is much lower and healthier fat than a lamb neck.

These bones have a substantial amount of meat on them compared to most other bones on the market. They are also a perfect size for the majority of dogs out there.  Roo jerky and Kangaroo lumbar bones are great, but they wont have the teeth cleaning power of a roo lumbar bone.

This might not be an everyday treat, and it’s the kind of one that you still need to supervise your dog eating, at least for the first time, as some dogs get overzealous in their pursuit of epic fast consumption, but for many dogs out there that take their time with working out how to eat a treat, this can provide some mental stimulation too, as well as satisfying the primal urge of your best friend.

Nutrition (APPROX)  Crude Protein 70% plus,  Crude Fat. 10%, Crude Fibre up to 5 %.

Shelf life typically between 6 – 9 months in pantry conditions (no light heat or oxygen)

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