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PORK Dog Treats

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Pork Dog Treats – by Healthy Dog Treats

Slowly but surely we have been adding to our pork dog treat range over the years and we are now very comprehensive. Let me first start with out of the biggest sellers, and explain a little about the dog treat.

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Natural pig ear for dogs

Pigs ears are often one of the major dog treats people associate with pork. The reason for this is that they are sold almost everywhere, but not all pigs ears come from the same place or are as good. The goodness comes from drying the right amount and having the right amount of chewiness.

The reason that we use the word NATURAL next to pigs ears is that there are plenty of NON meat dog treats on the market, and even some fake meat soy products compressed into pigs ear shapes! Make no mistake, your dog is a carnivore, and never gets enough meat or meat based products in their diet via commercial dog food. So if you are going to feed your dog a treat, you need something natural like whole dried pigs ears, from a company you can trust.  So if you want to

Buy pig ears in Australia

PLEASE consider our healthy dog treat site as your first option !  Available either in five or ten packs !

The main reason people buy pigs ears is because of their long chewing time (for most dogs) but we sell other pork treats that take less chewing time, and more important for BIG dogs, LONGER CHEWING TIME !

For smaller dogs or if you don’t want your dog eating a whole big pigs ear every day, then pigs ear strips are a great way to go.  They are just pigs ears cut into strips, nothing added or taken away. Many small dogs give up on full pigs ears because they can’t get any purchase and the task is too formidable, this is a great option if  you don’t want to get the sheers out every time you want to give your dog less than a full pigs ear !

Pigs snouts dog treats Australia

These Australian grown and dried products are a unique NATURAL dog treat too. You will see they are a different colour and texture form pig’s ears and their smaller size makes them ideal for almost any dog. They are a great snack sized dog treat without having to go for any scissors!

Chicken Filled pork twist dog treats

We originally had these dogs in the chicken category but then realised that most people would consider them a pork treat.  These are very similar to the pork twists we sell (see below) but with the added tasty bonus of real chicken meat wrapped around them.  Definitely a delightful bonus for your chicken and pork loving dog !

Jumbo pork rolls and Pork Twists (large) dog treats

I have included these two treats in the one section here because their design (and core ingredient) are the same. The pork twits are pork skin just rolled tightly in a relatively small cigar shaped dog treat.  These are a great alternative to rawhide treats that the majority of the healthy dog treat community have rejected.  Even smaller dogs should be able to get some purchase on these pork twist dog treats – when they get bored with the pig’s ear shapes.

The grand-daddy of pork treats is the pork roll jumbo version. Not just in size, but because of their robust nature. These are truly meant as a challenge for the big chewing dogs about town. You will see from the videos on a Rottie that had immense difficulty in breaking the jumbo roll.

This is not to say that they are impervious to all dogs, just that they are by far the most challenging long-lasting dog chewing dog treats in the pork range.

If you want to go to the next level look under our bones dog treat category for pork bones, or bigger other animal bones for your big chewing dog !

And of course we can’t leave you without once more suggesting that if you are new to pork treats, then at least consider giving our natural pig ear for dogs a go !

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