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Pork Bully Stick

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 Pork Bully stick / Pork Pizzle  100% Australian

This 100% single ingredient dog treat is a great alternative to beef bully sticks.

It is super thin so ok for both small and medium dogs to chew on.  Even more thin that the regular beef bully sticks.

Its length typically ranges from   25 cm to 40 cm approximately, and can easily be cut down if needed. Because it is a purely natural product, shape, length and colour will naturally vary from batch to batch.

The great thing about this is though it isn’t a big chewing treat it is one of the few pork Meat products available as a dog treat since most pork MEAT products end up in the human food chain.  I if you want pork for your dog, but not a skin product like ears or pork rolls, then this is a great high protein pork meat product.

Being 100% single ingredient means no preservatives or colours or additives or any kind.

Being thin, means that this treat can also act as a natural dental stick – why would you bother buying a non-meat highly processed dental stick with little nutritional value when this treat can serve both occupying, and dental (gum and teeth cleaning) properties?

Besides being one of the very few options to get actual Pork meat (not skin) for your dog in safe natural dried treat form, the pork bully or pizzle stick is also a very natural alternative to beef RAWHIDE products that the press has demonized of late.

INGREDIENT100% Pork bully stick – NO additives.

Always supervise your dog while it is eating treats. This treat is a very simple and small treat and unlikely to cause issues, but dogs can get into difficulty with anything they eat …

We always recommend storing our natural dog treats in pantry conditions. Low temperature, in a sealed container out of the light. This will maximise its shelf life and keep it fresh – though in these conditions it should last between 6 months to 1 year at least.

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