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Pigs Ear Strips

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Tasty quality bulk pigs ear strips

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Pigs Ear Strips Dog Treats (Blackdog)

Why pigs ear strips?

A lot of owners are either pro pork or con pork dog treats. Meanwhile when its healthy dog treats, I think letting the dog decide what they want to eat is the best method of sorting out its value to the dog.

These strips are basically 1 to 2 cm strips cut out of pigs ears. They can be very short or as long as a typical pig’s ear, but most are curled tightly as a natural part of the process of drying.

While some people will choose pork rolls or jumbo pork rolls (pigs skin rolled tightly as a long occupier treat), pigs ears strip a great smaller treat for small to medium sized dogs.

If you want a 100% animal product from pork, and more than just skin, then people often go the whole pig ear, but some people are often concerned at using or wasting a while ear, if their dogs have a tendency to bury treats, they don’t want to use immediately. Or even if its dragged outside it getting eaten by ants devalues the treat somewhat.

Hence the invention of the pig’s ear strip, where perhaps 5 to 10 strips might be cut from a single pigs ear. And because pigs ears are a valued commodity in some societies as human food, the price often gets escalated.

Curiously those same countries that would probably cut the pigs ear up as part of the recipe might value these strips, of they weren’t for dog consumption only.

But since any sized ear can be turned into strips, this means that per gram pigs ear strips are often more economical than the whole pig’s ear.

Pigs ear strips dog treat nutrition.

If you have a big dog, and all they wan to do is carry the whole pigs ear around, that is fine, for a medium dog a pigs ear can also work as a bit of an occupier treats, but pigs ear strips are meant for immediate consumption, satisfying both sometime occupation and nutrition.

You will note from the nutrition break down below that pigs ear strips have just as high a protein amount as most meat jerkies, and being meat, its highly bio available.

Considering that dog food is only required to have 18% protein, from any source, pigs ear strips give a great protein boost too!

Ingredients: 100% natural pork.

Origin: product of Australia & Europe.

Nutrition: Protein 73%, fat 18%, fibre <1%, salt <1%.

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