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Love Pork bones? Save in Bulk

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Pork Bone Dog Treats – Australian Grown and Dried.

Pork bones have one of the largest ends (knobs) of all bones on them, so provide a great deal of entertainment for all dogs as they try and chew it off.

Buying Pork/ Puppy Clod bones in bulk is the best way to go for the big pork bone dog lover in your family.

On the scale of bone hardness, pork bones and lamb bones (for leg bone group) are the smaller and easier ones to eat for all dogs.  Except for croc leg bones that are smaller again.  If you are after a smaller bone, for a mid chewing dog then this is it.

If you have a hard chewing dog like a staffy or bull arab you might want to aim more for the harder chewing leg bones like roo bones, beef bones or beef shank bones. Their bigger size and toughness means that it will occupy them longer and the ligher chewers in this group wont be able to fracture the bone.

Then there are the bones that are big on meat, and teeth cleaning like roo ribs, roo tail peices, roo tail tips  and lamb necks.

How chewy? If you would like to see our exclusive video of a dog eating these treats please click the link  of this site (HDT dog treat videos)

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