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Low Fat Dog treats

Low fat dog treats are not only for dogs that are overweight or have pancreatitis, but for any dog that doesn’t get enough exercise to burn off its dog food calorie (Kj) intake. ANY DOG.

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For clarity, we have mostly included the 500g and 1Kg pack versions in this Low fat category, but if you want to trial a small sample sized pack, you can always go to the specific meat category on our site to find the small sizes.

DISCLAIMER, Most treats from suppliers do not have fat content label. This means that our Research on food data sites provides us with the specific meats typical Fat content. So fat content should be taken as a guide only NOT a rule.  If your dog requires a specific low fat diet, please consult your vet to ensure that their diet complies with their instructions.

A note on Low fat dog treats.  The most abundant natural options in Australia are typically either Kangaroo or fish dog treats.  Be aware that some sites offer ‘vegetable’ based treats, and sure Carrots are low Kj, but ALL dogs need more Meat based protein (and essential amino acids) NOT less. Never knowingly add a large amount of grain or vegetable based Kj treats to your dogs commercial diet (you are just loading them with more carbs and sugars that convert to fat) – if you want to actually benefit them nutritionally they need meat based protein and fats.

Similarly some sites will copy and paste a 10% max rule for dog treats.  That is fine if you are talking about many supermarket dog treats or biscuits. However if you are adding meat based dog treats, including low fat options, you can add up to 100% meat based treats if you are knowing the best way of combining them (typically the 80/15/5 rule). Just know, that this category is the healthiest dog treat category you will find whether you feed commercial grain dog food or raw meat food.

Also note that any site promising ultra low fat meat options like 1% are to be avoided at all cost. Typical natural low fat dog treat options are meats between 2 and 4%.  Anything significantly lower (besides maybe fish skins) is likely to be an over processed “rendered” product where the fats are burned off at high temperature and the proteins and enzymes are destroyed.

Animal fats are a vital part of your dogs diet, they serve many nutritional processes that vegetable fats cannot.  However if your dog is overweight, cant exercise enough, or has pancreatitis or diabetes, a low fat meat based treat option is the ideal solution for you and your dog.

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