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Kangaroo Liver

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Kangaroo Organic training treat

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Kangaroo Liver Training Dog Treat – Low Fat!

Made from 100% Australian Kangaroo Liver. Nothing but the liver.

Have you ever been out with your dog with a pocket full of beef liver training treats and wished there was something better for them, something that would really add something special to their nutrition?

NOTE – if we are out of Roo liver, why not try our exceptional Beef Liver OR chicken Liver ?

One of the core tenants of raw meat feeding for dogs as their main meal, is to ensure variety of meat protein sources. This can be difficult to do when beef, chicken and lamb are just about the only meats used in most commercial dog food mixtures.

So if you are going to do one thing, one small change, that could really boost your dogs nutrition uptake, it might be as simple as switching beef liver to kangaroo liver training treats.  They are considerably cheaper than most of the other kangaroo cuts and still contain most of the protein value you get in feeding roo.

Kangaroo Liver dog treats have the same kind of properties as other kangaroo dog treats:

  • Organic (exceptionally clean meat)
  • Higher Omega 3 levels
  • Low fat  
  • Quality meat based protein source.

Our Australian Kangaroo Liver containno added flavours, colours or preservatives and are 100% all natural. They are a very fast eating, fun and healthy dog treat!

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Weight 1.51 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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