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Dog Bone Dog Treats

Bones can be a very important part of a dog’s diet. In a raw diet they should make up to 5-15% of their overall food intake. But if a dog is small or has soft jaws, they will usually eat raw smaller bones.

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While dogs should regularly eat small raw bones such as chicken neck and lamb ribs, these do not preoccupy them for long. BIG raw leg bones are great dog treats, however once the meat is gone dogs can easily chip or wear down their teeth trying to get to the marrow.

THIS is where our bones dog TREATS play an important part in your dog’s life. Even if they only get to nibble a small part off the ends, it provides a great occupation for them, something primal to stop them getting bored.

Any of our dog treat bones are particularly good value because they are relatively cheap, large and softened by the precise oven drying process. This means that your dog can chomp on these bones, get valuable nutrients (if they are strong enough to beak them) and not risk dangers associated with big raw bones (so say some sites).

Note, we always suggest people watching how their dogs tackle a treat while eating for the first time or to consult a vet if they have questions. This especially applies to how some very strong dogs tackle, crack and eat whole bones!

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