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Beef Shank Bone

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LONG lasting BIG chewing

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Beef Shank Bone Dog Treats – Made in Australia

We have a very wide selection of bone dog treats on our site. Its true that bones are not for everyone and every dog, but with supervision they are usually perfectly fine.

The unique very outstanding thing about the dog treat beef shank bone is its large volume (rather than a long leg like bone), and big weight (cheap on a per gram basis). We list them as mostly over 600g but many in a batch can be over 800g or higher.

Because of the large volume of the bone, and relative toughness there are very few dogs with big enough mouths to fit any major part of the bone inside their mouth. And if they can’t do that, they can easily break pieces off – making this BIG bone a relatively safe option for most dogs.  And for those that can fit this bone in their mouth, they are likely to have such substantial jaw pressure, that they are likely able to chew down the bone into bone dust before ingesting.

The number one reason owners give for concerns for feeding dog bones is the chance of splintering or choking … and for hardcore chewing dogs, that is possible with any bone. But dogs also choke on dry dog food and can even get bloat. Its not so much the food or the treat, but how wisely a dog chews things in general. Do they always rush and rarely chew? If so, bones in general might not be for those kinds of big dogs / non-chewers.

Properly dried bones are safe for many dogs. They trick is getting a supplier who knows the balance between under dried where bones can get mold and over drying where they are more likely to splinter. But a lot of people prefer dried bones over raw, because they tend to be tougher and last longer.

How the beef shank bone dog treat compares

MOST people use dog treat bones for an occupier treat, keeping your dog occupied while you are away. Some bone like many of the Kangaroo tail variants are meant to either have the meat between the bones eaten, and hence clean the teeth and gums very well, or even the whole of the bone and meat eaten.

Other bones (softer smaller ones like pork or lamb) are meant for just chewing the ends off by small and medium sized dogs, again used as an occupier.

The only bone regularly bigger (at least in over-all weight) to the beef shank bone, is the beef leg bones. If your dog likes their bones big, then these two are a must have in your dog’s bone selection.

If you have a big hardy hard chewing dog, then these bones are ideal for them.

Some people will be concerned about the calorie or KJ value of bones, but that only applies if the dog can break the bone open and eat a substantial amount of the marrow. That means for many dogs that don’t beak these bones open, then the amount of energy expended in trying to get to the marrow means that even if they do so, it wont make a substantial contribution to their energy input for the day.

Ingredients –  100% beef shank bone.

Always supervise your dogs eating treats and dog bones

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