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Kangaroo Tail Tip

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Great Bully Stick substitute

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Kangaroo Tail Tip Dog Treats – 100% Australian

Kangaroo Tail Tips have been one of the greatest hidden secret of the dog treat trade for years.

Some of these come with roo hair on the tip (our supplier tells us that it aids digestion).

They are typically 15- 20 cm long, going from a width of a few mm at the tip to up to 3 cm at the end.  Make no mistake, these are heft treats, and you may only get 6 roo tail tips to a 500g bag –  but you can always snap them in halves or cut them down further if inclined.

Why are they so good?  Like croc ridges, they include a great combination of bone and meat that not only extends the chew, but provides a great source of calcium and phosphorus in exactly the right ratio.  And they are considerably more affordable than the more exotic meats,

For all those people who have thought about feeding their dogs chicken necks but were put off by negative press, these superbly dried roo tail tip pieces are an ideal alternative.

Being kangaroo they are also organic dog treats AND very hypo allergenic.  Any fat that is on the tail is higher in Omega 3 than most other land based animals, providing many health benefits.

A lot of people are also sad with the rarity and high price of bully sticks. These roo tail tips provide a perfect substitute for dogs hooked on bully sticks.

Yes you could go to a straight large bone, but not all dogs know how to safely eat these.  The tips are great for all sized dogs because small dogs can just eat the meat off around the bone, and medium  and large dogs can eat the whole thing.

TEETH CLEANING and gum work means that your dog is also getting a very good NATURAL teeth clean, rather than resorting to the highly artificial green substance put out by some factories.

INGREDIENTS:  100% single-ingredient. NO preservatives, NO additives.

ALWAYS supervise your dogs eating treats.

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