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Kangaroo Riblets

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Kangaroo Riblets Dog Treats – 100% Aussie Roo

Kangaroo Riblets are just Kangaroo Ribs either cut into smaller pieces OR split along the rib line.

Its true that we provide WHOLE Kangaroo ribs too – but some of these barely fit into a bag, and customers often end up cutting them down with secateurs away.

NOTE if we are ‘out of stock’ of roo riblets, we are usually in stock of one of the other roo rib varities. Either Kangaroo Ribs, OR  Kangaroo Ribs Singles !

The roo ribs serve a unique function in the dog treat world in that they are part bone, part meat in equal amounts (approximately).  For larger dogs they will probably try and eat the whole lot, and if they are a considerate eater (under supervision) that might be fine.

But for small, old or medium sized dogs without huge chewing ability, that means that they often miss out on the joy of eating a roo rib.  Hence the ‘kangaroo riblet’.  These are typically a small fraction in size and weight of a whole rib, making them much more manageable. And less waste likelihood (as dogs are less prone to bury a smaller sized treat).

It also means that you get many more per bag of a given weight, so you can regulate the number of Kilojoules your dog gets easier.

The riblets besides being an occupier treat, are also exceptionally good at cleaning teeth and strengthening gums on smaller dogs, as the small strong rib bones clean off debris from your dog’s teeth.

We always recommend supervising dogs while eating treats, and give this a high recommendation for most dogs.  Bigger dogs still enjoy the full sized ribs.

INGREDIENTS –  Cut-down or ripped whole ribs,  NO ADDITIVES.

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