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Kangaroo Ears

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Kangaroo Ears – WHOLE with Fur.  

So why  100% single ingredient, organic Australian Kangaroo Ears you might ask.

As usual they have no  preservatives or additives.  And in the wild dogs would eat ALL of the prey, but that is by necessity AND design.

Being kangaroo, it will also be hypo-allergenic and contain some Omega 3.

ANIMAL fur actually has an important function, that most commercial dog food cannot mimic, and hence where dogs can end up having health issues

Firstly, these roo ears are suitable for all sized dogs. 

Small dogs might like to carry them around for a while, then chew on them for a long time.  Safer than hard leg bones, and much longer lasting than jerkies.  They won’t have the same high protein of a single ingredient roo jerky, but every treat has a purpose, and this one is moderately unique.

Mid-sized to large dogs will of course eat these much faster.

The kangaroo ears are smaller than beef and lamb ears, but that means they are much more accessible for all dogs, and won’t stay around half eaten for as long.  They are also ORGANIC and have very high-quality animal protein in the meat sections of the ear.

WHAT is the texture of kangaroo ears.

Like croc ridges, these ears have several layers rather than a single texture or hardness.  The fur plays and important part in a dogs diet (more on that below) – but these ears are dried just enough to keep them flexible but not moisture laden.

That means that they are bendy and chewy, not rigid or likely to crack. It is precisely the flexible nature of the ears that make this a fun treat for a dog to rip into. They will have to do some work to break pieces off, unlike man jerkies that are based around eating quickly.

Roo ear skin, what is it good for?

Like fish skin products, Roo skin has plenty of collagen type 2 in it.  This is exactly the type of collagen material that assists building and repairing tendons in your dog.  The skin is only a small layer compared to the fur and the inner meat of the ear, but it will still provide an organic natural boost for them that they would not normally get in regular dog food.

Kangaroo ears FUR – PERFECT for a dogs Digestive tract.

While soluble fibre, of a certain type (specific to your dog’s digestibility) is vital for feeding a dogs good bacteria for proper digestion of its food in its intestine, Insoluble fibre (non-digestible) is also very important in cleaning their intestine.

Not only will the fur sweep the intestine clean as it moves through, it will also give their stools form (without the need for overloading them with grains or vegetables),  AND it will assist in keeping their anal glands clear.

The true holy grail for animal based raw feeders, is providing something that gives their stools form, but not lots of carbs (sugars) that limit the amount of animal based protein you can provide them with, which is also a major goal.

So not only will the fur from roo ears, safely provide substance to their stools, it is a relatively low energy treat (fur doesn’t add kilo joules) so you want have to limit the amount of meat jerkies you feed them, because of adding roo ears to their diet.


These treats are NOT a training treat (take too long to eat) – nor a major protein boost (because the amount of meat is relatively low.   But they provide a very primal eating option that dogs love, in an organic package, that also provides collagen for their joints

The fur can assist in cleaning teeth (unlike kibble that usually sticks to teeth), and can sweep worm eggs and stuck waste products (as a non soluble fibre) to sweep their intestine clean. it can even  keep the anal gland entrance clear, saving your dog pain and you a vet bill.

They are a novel, high value treat, that is also 100% natural, unlike many carb laden fake treats out there.

INGREDIENTS –  100% kangaroo ears, fur on.  NO additives, preservatives etc.

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