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Kangaroo Ribs

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Great bone chewing with BULK savings




Kangaroo Ribs dog treats –  100% Organic, 100% Roo in Kilo packs

Congratulations on your potential very good choice !

In our first shipment we found that there were about 6 rib racks per kg, but as the weights of the racks varied between 70g to 300g the total number per your Kilo pack might vary between 4 to 10..  The great news though is that you are buying by the Kilo, so you will always know how much in total you are getting. The smallest rib sizes are usually 15 cm square and increase to about 20 cm square/ triangular. The main difference is that the heavier ribs have thicker bones and more meat on them.

The Kangaroo rib rack dog treats while still presenting an amiable challenge for small dogs, are presented such that most owners can snap them in half or smaller pieces. The smaller dogs tend to just eat the meat between the ribs, while larger dogs will eat all the bones and ribs. We always recommend supervising your dogs when eating bone type treats, just in case they get over zealous and dont chew enough.

Like the rest of the roo, the meat part will have exceptionally clean protein (roo meat) with low fat (and good fat called Omega 3). Chewing the ribs cleans the teeth and strengthens the dogs gums, naturally, just how they were evolved to have their teeth cleaned.

Additional information

Weight1.95 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 10 cm

1 Kg, 500 g

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