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Kangaroo Clod Bones

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Roo Bones Bonanza !

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Kangaroo Dog Treat Bones – Australian origin

Kangaroo bones dog treats are known as one of the longest chewing and healthiest bones you can get a dog. And here is why you might consider them for your dog.

Not only are kangaroo bones THE hardest Kangaroo dog treat, they are also the hardest bone we sell. Basically, leg bones of animals are the hardest / toughest to chew because they are load bearing, and because Roo’s use extreme forces while bouncing, their leg bones tend to be harder than most farmed animals.

Kangaroo bones hit the sweet spot for many people between hardness and size. While they are one of the hardest bones around, they are not the largest (no where near the size of beef leg bones, and not the volume of beef shank bones).

This means for people wanting a big to medium bone for big chewing dogs (and they actually want the dogs to eat the bone, not just chew it or carry it around), then the kangaroo bone is often top of their list.

If however you have a small or medium sized dog, that you DON’T want to actually eat the bone, then this also serves that purpose. Medium sized dogs can still chew the ends off these bones like any bone, but are unlikely to get a great purchase on the shaft of the bone.

If you want a bone that is gentler on gums and teeth, then there are plenty of roo bone options like kangaroo ribs, roo lumbar, roo tail pieces or roo tail tips that provide both entertainment and nutrition. If you are just after a relatively small bone that is softer than roo bone, then pork and lamb bones fulfil those roles.

Note Kangaroo bones (as does the meat) can change dramatically in size and colour during a season depending on the breed, size and harvest season, even slight variations in drying technique. If you buy a five pack of roo bones you will often see considerable differences in the size of bones from a single batch. This is a natural variation and to be expected.

INGREDIENT:  Single ingredient 100% Kangaroo clod bone. NO ADDITIVES.

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