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Kangaroo Tendons *NEW*

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The Best quality Tendons in Aus !

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Kangaroo Tendons PREMIUM!   – The Perfect Dog Treat 

NOTE – These are a NEW product in 2023. The biggest ones are gigantic – around 20cm-25 cm for stalk, and the flattened bulb can be around 8 cm wide.  Some of the tendons are regular (smaller size around 10- 15 cm long) – but many are the bigger variety (in most batches – early 2023) – meaning that they are a lot of tendon for each one, and you will get less in any size pack.  The weight will of course be as stated.

Why kangaroo tendons are the perfect dog treat.

And if they the regular roo tendons out of stock why not try Roo Tendons VARIOUS.

The main difference is that the Round are more regularly in stock, and you can buy 1Kg bags, where as the supplier restricts the regular roo tendons (and they are currently MUCH bigger) – so we typically only have 500g bags for sale.

If you have never fed your dog a Kangaroo tendon, this might seem like a big statement, but there are several good points behind its widespread praise.

Some of these come with roo hair on the tip (our supplier tells us that it aids digestion).

Here are the highlights (details given below this list)

  • Kangaroo is Organic CLEAN meat
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Roo tendons are low fat, and include a fast eating and mid eating component
  • Roo Tendon is low fat, and the fat is high in Omega 3
  • Roo tendons GREAT for cleaning teeth
  • Medium level chewing and low fat means it’s a treat that can be enjoyed regularly. One tendon at a time.
  • Suitable from the smallest to largest dogs.

Kangaroo tendon dog treat size and quality

Kangaroo tendons can be short or long, and vary a LOT depending on seasonality, subgenre of roo caught and age etc ..  This roo tendon is a favourite with our customers because of the CONSISTENT HIGH QUALITY of the product.  We have been sourcing this product for over 10 years and in dog treats that is a LONG time to continue getting such consistently in end product size, shape and drying.

 They always consist of a round bulb at one end (the meaty easy to chew part) and a long harder Stem that is ideal for the chewing and teeth cleaning part of the treat process.   

We have trialed many different roo tendon suppliers and besides consistency problems, many roo tendons that are ‘cheap’ will be very raggedy in appearance, will have poor quality bulbs and shaggy stems.  If the stem isn’t harvested and dried properly it can look unraveled and provide very little in the way of chewing or teeth cleaning options.

Kangaroo tendon how dogs use them

We have a video below that will explain the process better, but essentially most dogs sit down and use both paws to gnaw on the meat and easy to eat part first.

This can usually be quickly eaten by any sized dog.  Some smaller dogs haver been known to carry the whole treat around for most of the day as a food security comfort, but medium sized dogs and larger will often then start chewing on the stalk (harder tendon part of the treat). It will typically unravel with saliva to have long strands of tendon that can help clean their teeth.

While some dogs that have been fed mostly on farmed animal meats (via commercial dog food kibble) – can reject wild animal meats, roo tendons tend to have a very ‘moorish’ appeal to most dogs.

And the good news is that being organic (wild) kangaroo tendons are typically hypo-allergenic – meaning VERY unlikely to cause a negative allergic reaction. This is the reason that dogs on an exclusion diet to test for allergies are often given roo meat as the main protein for six weeks.

Roo tendons seem to be a gentler option for dogs that require less chewing than bully sticks and lower (and better quality Omega 3) fat content.

Kangaroo tendons are 100% Kangaroo tendon dried and packed. They are the Premium of Premium dog treats!

Please note, that these tendon bags are so big (because of space around each one) that we cant pack two into a 3 Kg bag, hence why postage is for a 5 Kg bag if you order two to three kg (of the round ones).

INGREDIENTS:   100% Kangaroo tendon (no added sugar or anything artificial.  Fat is typically under 4% and suitable for most dogs on low calorie diets.

Kangaroo tendons supply issues (they are just too good)

We have been forecasting for years that eventually this secret would get out. Fortunately, currently exports are relatively low for Australia. But unfortunately, roo tendon harvests are very reliant on the weather (fire, floods and droughts reducing numbers caught) and as there are only two tendons per roo, the meat processing time and effort adds to the price of this ideal treat.

So far supply has close to equaled demand, but going forward we have had to occasionally restrict the sizes and amounts we can sell to ensure all customers get some of this magical treat.

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Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm

1 Kg, 100 g, 300 g, 500 g