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Kangaroo Tendons FLAT

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Premium & bulk, our economical version!

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Aussie Kangaroo Tendons  dog treat – FLAT bulb

Kangaroo tendons are one of the highest sort after meat dog treats we sell. And with nationwide massive demand it has meant that this product has often been limited or out of stock. Fortunately, we have found a new supplier AND have been able to discount this product LOWER than the other regular Roo Tendons we sell on here.

Please note, that the size and shape of these kangaroo tendons varies greatly. Sometimes they are tangled together a little like HOKI (if stuck together its just the drying process) – they are still 100% Roo tendon (no additives) – just very varied in appearance.

NOTE – If  ‘OUT OF STOCK’, Please consider the very NATURAL equivalent:  KANGAROO TENDONS Or other Kangaroo products like Kangaroo Jerky Small. Even the Roo tail pieces and Roo lumbar bones allow dogs a great chew of meat and clean their teeth.

The high value of Kangaroo Tendons

  • great chewing (for small and medium sized dogs)
  • strengthening jaws,
  • cleaning teeth and gums.
  • High quality Animal Protein source
  • Low fat

How do Roo tendons differ?

Kangaroo tendons are composed of a stalk and bulb.

Most dogs enjoy eating the bulb (the thick meaty end of the stalk) first. Then they can chew for a lot longer on the fibrous stalk. Unlike other jerky treats, this is a thin strand that most dogs can manage, We have even known puppies and older dogs to carry the tendon around as a prize all day.

These roo tendons differ from the others on this site because these tend to have a smaller flattened bulb. It isn’t from another species its just part of the processing difference between driers where one promotes the bulb staying round while the other flattens there’s.

Some people love the rounder bulb, but currently there is a premium on that version. And sometimes in the drying process those bulbs end up slightly hollow which not everyone likes. By contrast these tendons have a compressed bulb, that while appears smaller, the often shorter stalks mean that there are often many more tendons per kilo in this specific Roo tendon flat treat.

Note we sell both versions by WEIGHT. So whatever you buy, you will always get full value from us!

Kangaroo tendons FLAT are 100% Kangaroo tendon dried and packed.

They are the Premium of Premium dog treats and coveted Australia wide (and becoming more popular globally) !

Roo tendons seem to be a gentler option for dogs that require less chewing than bully sticks and lower (better quality) fat content.

Approx analysis: Crude Protein 72%, Crude fat 4%, Salt 3%, Crude fibre <0.1%

Additional information

Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm

1 Kg, 100 g, 300 g, 500 g