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Healthy Organic Roo, love it!

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Kangaroo Specialist Dog Treats Pack

There should be very little need for introduction to one of the world’s greatest healthy dog treats, but since you are here …

If your dog loves kangaroo, you have come to the right subscription box pack!

Kangaroo dog treats are organic (caught in the wild via sustainable quotas that assist thinning out an over population).  They are a resource that should not be wasted, and luckily for dogs, humans haven’t worked out how healthy and tasty they are. When that happens, the price will sky rocket.

In the meantime, this greatest secret of the dog treat industry enjoys a little space.

I feed my dog roo almost every day of the week, to provide diversity in the protein he gets from his regular night meal (chicken or beef usually).

The specifics – Roo SPECIALIST Dog Treats

Kangaroo Jerky small is 100% roo jerky (typically from the leg and extremely low fat), It can be consumed fast by almost every dog in existence.

Roo Cartilage is included because it balances the roo jerky nicely. These little chunks are typically less than 5 cm in any direction and require more concentred chewing by small and medium dogs. Even big dogs will have to chew a few times before swallowing them.

This pack also includes the king of dog treat Roo tendon.  Because there are only two small Kangaroo tendons per roo and they have such high demand quality kangaroo tendons can be hard to get, but we have found a brilliant source for almost a decade now.  They are a 100% animal product with a meaty bulb and long harder chewing ‘stalk’. Providing protein and a chew all in one.

Always supervise your dog chewing dog treats – even our healthy ones!


Ingredients:  Roo Jerky LONG  200g, Roo Cart 200g, Roo Tendon 300g

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