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Beef Shin/Clod Bone MASSIVE

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A MASSIVE Beef Bone Treat

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Beef Shin Bone – Australian Dog Treat

The beef shin bone is easily the largest dog teat bone we sell.

It comes in 800g or larger, or  600g +  sizes (when available)

the MASSIVE beef bone  can often be 1 Kg in size .. but varies by batch so we state the lower value to keep you covered.

Many of these bones are over 1 Kg plus in weight but in some shipments we have had them larger than 1.4 Kg.  They are definitely for the BIG dogs around town to eat and play with all week .. (of course your dog might consider eating it in a single sitting – and that is fine too.

These bones are typically suitable for all dogs, as even though they mightnt break into them, they can always chew the end nubs and get satisfaction from that.

Note, because of their big dimensions they typically do not fit in 3 Kg satchels, and multiple bones might have difficulty fitting in 5 kg satchels. If Auspost API returns a very large postage fee, please contact us to arrange a spot price courier that should be much more affordable.

Always supervise dogs when they are eating bones.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

600g, 800g